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Make me human! If humanity is to perish, let me go with them! Send me to oblivion with the ones I love, as one of them!
~ Red Tornado

Red Tornado is an android and one of the comic book heroes in the DC Comic book series, Justice League of America. He has also made many appearance in various DC animated series such as Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, etc. He is a Mega Hero who has control over wind which enables him to make tornadoes, red-colored ones, courtisy of his alias.


Red Tornado was an android with wind-creating powers. He first appeared in Justice League of America #64-65 (August-September, 1968).

The android was created by the mad scientist T.O.Morrow to infiltrate the Justice Society and destroy it from within, pretending to be the original Red Tornado suffering from amnesia. Despite realizing that could not be true (because they knew the facts about the original Tornado- obviously Morrow didn't) the Society allowed him to join them. Eventually The Tornado discovers the truth and turns on his own creator, saving the Society and becoming a true hero.

Later, the Tornado joined the Justice League and gained his own secret identity ("John Smith"—he didn't have much imagination), a human girlfriend, and even adopted a little girl orphaned in a Middle Eastern war. Although often given a robotic personality in other mediums, the Tornado in the comics had human emotions and spoke normally, though he did angst about "not being human enough."

He also spent some time as the "adult mentor" of Young Justice.




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