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Make me human! If humanity is to perish, let me go with them! Send me to oblivion with the ones I love, as one of them!
~ Red Tornado.
This is where the Red Tornado belongs... In the cold of space-- Where nothing lives... --Including me! Who'd say a robot is alive? Certainly not the Justice Society-- Oh, they're kind enough... Like they'd be to a lost puppy! I've got super-powers... intelligence... everything except humanity! One thing I wish I didn't have-- emotions...
~ Red Tornado.

Red Tornado is an android and one of the comic book heroes in the DC Comic book series, Justice League of America. He has also made many appearance in various DC animated series such as Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, etc. He is a Mega Hero who has control over wind which enables him to make tornadoes, red-colored ones, courtisy of his alias.

He was created by Gardner Fox and Dick Dillin, and first appeared in Justice League of America #64 in August of 1968.



Red Tornado was an android with wind-creating powers. He first appeared in Justice League of America #64-65 (August–September, 1968).

The android was created by the mad scientist T.O.Morrow to infiltrate the Justice Society and destroy it from within, pretending to be the original Red Tornado suffering from amnesia. Despite realizing that could not be true (because they knew the facts about the original Tornado- obviously Morrow didn't) the Society allowed him to join them. Eventually The Tornado discovers the truth and turns on his own creator, saving the Society and becoming a true hero.

Later, the Tornado joined the Justice League and gained his own secret identity ("John Smith"—he didn't have much imagination), a human girlfriend, and even adopted a little girl orphaned in a Middle Eastern war. Although often given a robotic personality in other mediums, the Tornado in the comics had human emotions and spoke normally, though he did angst about "not being human enough."

He also spent some time as the "adult mentor" of Young Justice.


The Tornado Champion

In the beginning there were two tornado entities that originated from the planet Rann in the Earth One universe, which were the good and evil personalities of the air elemental, Ulthoon. The air elemental confronted Rann's adopted champion, Adam Strange, and was defeated by him, and with the help of the Justice League. Following defeat, Ulthoon contemplated the nature of good andevil, and decided that good was a superior force.

Ulthoon then split into two entities, the Tornado Champion and the Tornado Tyrant, with the champion being a force of good. The Tornado Champion decided it needed to fight evil, and battled the Tornado Tyrant and was defeated. Disheartened, the Tornado Champion lured the Tornado Tyrant to Earth, where it was defeated by the Justice League. The champion decided that there was little satisfaction in being an imitation, and journeyed to Earth Two to find a new identity.

Becoming Red Tornado

The champion came upon the criminal T.O. Morrow, who was creating an android that could infiltrate and defeat the Justice Society. When the Tornado Champion learned that the android was called "Red Tornado", and decided to assume control of the android and become a hero. The champion merged with the android, but its memory was erased, awakening as the Red Tornado. Believing itself to be the original Justice Society associate by the same name, Red Tornado visited their headquarters and announced its return to active duty.

The JSA didn't recognize the android, but allowed the Red Tornado to accompany them to prevent a theft at a nearby museum. Through a series of mishaps choreographed by Morrow, Red Tornado seemingly killed the JSA, and the android then tracked Morrow and seemingly defeated him. When the remaining JSA members arrived to investigate, a booby trapped weapon fell on them, and Morrow traveled to Earth One. On that Earth, Morrow discovered that he defeated the JLA as he had the JSA before them, and Red Tornado recovered and revived the JLA. Red Tornado and the Justice League then defeated Morrow, and uncovered a method to revive the JSA back on Earth Two. Morrow admitted that Red Tornado was his android construct, but the Justice Society decided to make him a member.

Powers and Abilities


  • Android Body: Red Tornado received a android body, and it has been enhanced and improved over the years.
    • Computerized Brain: Red Tornado's brain processes at a rate as fast as multiple computers.
    • Enhanced Senses: One of Tornado's brain's processes allows him to enhanced his audio and visual sensors.
    • Resurrection: If his body is somehow destroyed, he can reinstate his "soul" into a new android body.
    • Regeneration: Red Tornado can regenerate any destroyed part of his after receiving Prometheus' nanites from Cyborg.
    • Metamorphosis: Red Tornado can assume a human appearance being modified by Cyborg.
    • Self-Sustenance: Since he has a android body, Tornado doesn't need to eat, sleep or even recharge. Tornado can also survive in space and underwater without issue, possibly due to his android body being improved and enhanced over the years.
    • Superman Strength: Red Tornado possess superhuman strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: Tornado has superhuman durability due to having an android body, being able to survive gunshots, tornado pressure and blows form super beings.
  • Aerokinesis: Red Tornado's true form was a powerful entity was composed of violent wind forces. His android body could channel the forces through his arms and legs, producing bursts of cyclone-force winds and high speed.
    • Air Blasts: Red Tornado can project his whirlwinds at over 350 miles per hour from each arm.
    • Tornado Creation: Red Tornado can create tornadoes and twisters with destructive winds.
    • Vortex Creation: Red Tornado can create vortexes with his wind.
    • Deflection: He can deflect approaching objects with ease with wind.
    • Invisibility: Red Tornado can use his high-velocity movement to render himself invisible.
    • Flight: Red Tornado can fly by channeling cyclone-force winds through the lower part of his body.
    • Force Field: He is able to circulate the high force winds around himself, or an extended area to protect himself or others.



  • In Justice League: Unlimited, he was voiced by the late Powers Boothe.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he was voiced by Corey Burton, who also voiced Gus, God of War Zeus, and Disney's Zeus.
  • In Young Justice, he was voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • On CW's Supergirl, he was portrayed by Iddo Goldberg.
    • Goldberg also voiced the character in Freedom Fighters: The Ray.
  • In Justice League Action, he was voiced by Jason J. Lewis.

Video Games

  • In Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, he was voiced by Liam O'Brien.

Web Series

  • In DC Super Hero Girls, he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.



  • Red Tornado has one quarter of the Anti-Life Equation within his shell, and the other quarters are apparently being held by the other three Elementals - Swamp Thing, Firestorm, and Naiad.


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