Reeko is the deuteragonist of Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild. He is a skunk who befriends Stuart when he gets lost in the woods, but he instead uses him in exchange for getting paid with marshmallows. He also serves as the Beast's former assistant and servant.

He was voiced by Wayne Brady.


Reeko is well meaning, yet a little full of himself. When he first meets Stuart, he claims to be the Beast, but his secret is soon discovered. He says that he's not scared of the Beast, but deep down, he really is. Reeko is confident and fun-loving, but he only "teaches" Stuart because he's getting paid with marshmallows. Reeko, before he met Stuart, wasn't liked by any of the other animals. He kept on taking their food when he forgot to feed the Beast. He smells bad because since he is a skunk, he can spray a lot as this is shown when protecting the others from the Beast while zookeepers remark the next day that the smell will be hard to wash away and that the Beast smells like a skunk. When Stuart goes to save Snowbell from the Beast, Reeko tries to convince the other forest animals to help save him because he's grown close to him and he's now his friend. In the end, he tells Stuart that he'll miss him and tells him to take care as he and his family leave.


  • Reeko is sometimes thought to be the main antagonist of the film, although the true antagonist is the Beast.
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