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Regal Bryant is the convict in Tales of Symphonia. It appears he was responsible for Presea's sister's death. After he was defeat, Colette lift Regal with her one arm. The team look shock. Though he looks kind of scary and warning at first, he is a very polite gentleman. He shows care to everyone he knows, and as the oldest member in the party (excluding Kratos Aurion), he feels responsibility to watch and help them. He seems to have connections to Presea, or at least seems to know her from somewhere. Because of a crime he committed, he uses his shackles as a symbol for that crime, and uses only his feet in fighting.

Regal is a kind and gentle soul, and a very talented cook (unusual, given the only free appendages he has are his feet, which becomes a topic of humor during an optional skit). Despite his kindness, Regal is extremely hard on himself, thinking his crime unworthy of any forgiveness. Regal is very content with being alone, although he does enjoy company and conversation, especially with Lloyd. His emotions are almost always very subdued.


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