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Regina "Reggie" Rocket is one of the main protagonists of the series Rocket Power and Otto's tomboyish and sassy older sister.


Reggie is a moderly tall girl with with purple hair. She is always seen wearing a purple shirt with a picture of a yellow rocket on it. Reggie also wears cargo pants and glasses on her head.


Reggie Rocket can be easily described as the complete opposite of her younger brother Otto Rocket. She is kind, helpful, and always willing to help someone out. She also rarely and doesn't want to get in trouble and usually tells on Otto whenever he does something wrong. Reggie is also much more calm headed and only gets angry or worked up whenever Otto pushes her into doing something like competing in a contest. Reggie is also the most mature of the group and usually tries to get others to learn their lessons.


Reggie Rocket lives on Ocean Shores along with her brother Otto and father Raymundo Rocket. She lost her mother when she were younger but eventually Ray married into a new wife named Noelani. Reggie, like Otto, is talented in sports most notably rollerskating and playing volleyball. She also gets better grades in school than Otto. As Otto is best friends with Twister, Reggie appears to be best friends with Sam due to both of them rarely getting into trouble and their nice personalities.


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