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Regina is a minor protagonist of Dragalia Lost and ultimately the main protagonist of the two part raid event "Faith Forsaken". She is the leader of the Apostles who is sigil-bound to Sandalphon.


Regina has black and white hair, and gold eyes. She also wears a black and white uniform, which she wears in a way that her hands are covered by the sleeves. Like the other apostles, a halo appears over her head when she activates her sigil.


Commander of the apostles of the Ilian Church of Grams. Observant and charismatic, she's the perfect person for corralling the ragtag group of apostles. A researcher who is gifted at alchemy, she shares a Sigil with the angel Sandalphon.



Long ago, Regina lived a happy life with her stepsister, Origa. even though the two of them weren't related by blood, they were deeply close. Then one day, their village was attacked. Regina and Origa held eachothers hands while they escaped. However, as they ran, Regina let go, and the two of them were seperated.

Wracked with guilt of letting her sister down, Regina worked to become stronger and eventually learned that Origa became the apostle of the Ilian church in Grams. Determined to reconnect, Regina became an apostle, forming a sigil with the archangel, Sandalphon.

Her effort eventually land her as the leader of the apostles following Basileus being outed as a traitor.

Faith Forsaken

As Regina and Sandalphon look into Basileus's goals, they find themselves arrested on the crime of heresy. Realizing something is amiss and that they have been set up, along with hearing the arrest warrant is for all apostles, Regina demands to have a meeting with Origa. Even though the guard refuses at first, he eventually allows it at Origa's command.

While Regina apologizes for failing to protect Origa longer ago, Origa shows to hold no ill will against her for it, but she still refuses to listen to her about Graht's treason. She allows the guard to return Regina's tablet before sending her back to her cell, which allows Regina to get into contact with the other apostles before breaking out with the ones that were captured thanks to the help of Faris.

Gathering together, the apostles share all information they have gathered and learn that Basileus and Harle's imposter are planning to kill 666 people in order to revive Satan with Basileus giving his soul to complete the process.

As they arrive at the festival, they find that many lives have already been slaughtered as Basileus and Loki arrive with Asura. Giving the impression that Origa was among the lives taken, the apostles fight Asura with all their power until the demon fades out to reveal herself to be a possessed Graht, whose death provides the last of the 666 souls needed to revive Satan. Regina attempts to stop Basileus, only for Basileus to reveal that he isn't the soul for Satan as Origa reveals herself to be alive and in on the plan.

Regina desperately attempts to reason with Origa, but she is forced to watch as Origa offers up her soul to become Satan. It is soon revealed by Loki that Origa would never be able to control Satan, to the horror of both her and Basileus.

The apostles and archangels escape, but the archangels sacrifice themselves in an attempt to stop Satan. With the Archangels dead, Regina sends out a contact to the halidom party for help. Once they arrive, she explains the situation to them as they look into how they will stop Satan.

During their investigation, Regina finds out that Sandalphon had survived and she reconciles with her before finding out the other archangels can be brought back as well.


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