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Reginald Peter, better known as General Skarr, is one the supporting characters of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He is Billy's neighbor, and a retired villain.


Skarr used to be Hector Con Carne's ex-paramilitary commander. He moved to Endsville after Con Carne's organization shut down, and became Billy's neighbor (much to his distress) and an avid gardener. Later, he joins the Underfist team in the Halloween special.


He has a blind left eye with a jagged scar under it. He wore a blue suit and oddly shaped hat when working for Hector. In Underfist, he has a large grey moustache and goatee and wears a bright blue uniform that includes a beret.


At the first glance, when Skarr worked for Hector Con Carne, he sometimes tried to overthrow Hector and take over his organization to take over the world himself. However, he retired from his evil ways as he trying to find peace in gardening or trying to be a good neighbor. In "Underfist", he becomes the Unscrupulous Hero. He does join the others in forming the titular team, but still retains his malicious traits.

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