I won't be seeing you later.
~ Skull's famous line.

Reginald "Skull" Skullinski is a supporting character in Monster House. He is voiced by Jon Herder in the film and Keith Ferguson in the video game version of the film.


Skull is intelligent, mature, talented, suave, and helpful.

Role in the film

After not being believed by Zee, Jenny's mother, or the cops about Nebbercracker's house being a monster, Chowder, DJ, and Jenny go to Reginald "Skull" Skullinski for answers. After being told about him by DJ and Chowder, Jenny proposes going to talk to him; DJ and Chowder tell her that it's not a good idea to disturb Skull when he's in the Game Zone. Slightly annoyed, Jenny asks how long he's going to be playing. Chowder states that he once played for four days straight on 1 quarter, a gallon of chocolate milk, and an adult diaper.

Jenny then decides that if he's not coming out of the Game Zone, then they are going in, and gently pushes DJ and Chowder over to him, despite their objections. Walking up to him, the three watch him play, before explaining to him about the situation with Nebbercracker's house. He tells them that he's heard rumors about human souls possessing and merging with man-made structures, turning them into monsters, and that, to kill it, they have to attack the structure's heart. He then goes off to take care of some business.

During the credits, Skull becomes Zee's new love interest. When Bones turns up, Zee tells him that times have changed, and that unlike him, Skull is more respectful, and makes time for her. Slightly disappointed, Bones leaves with his kite.



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