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Reginald is a Koala CIA agent on the show American Dad. Reginald has worked with Stan Smith on many occasions and is one of his more competent co-workers. Reginald was a homeless man prior to becoming a koala. One day Reginald saw an add looking for individuals willing to volunteer as test subjects for the CIA with a free meal promised to all applicants. When Reginald arrived for the job he was strapped down and used as a test subject for an experiment in brain-swapping. Reginald was put in the body of a koala and presumably the koala was put in his old body, though the whereabouts of it have never been touched upon. Reginald uses his small size, acrobatics and over all cuteness to his advantage to do high security spy work for the CIA and seems to have adapted with ease to his new life as a koala and CIA agent.



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