Rei Ryghts is a new Console Patron Unit (CPU) in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.


One of the seven sages. It is nominally a leader, but because of the timid nature, are well tampered other members. It is useless in only some kind of situation at panic stations be generated, not only are basically abused also from the surrounding. In addition, responsibility awareness is also low, also be remark that he is not bad (in fact often a situation to deteriorate in her intervention). However, her in the form of look down, we have succeeded in bringing together the seven sages personality is too strong. Slogan is no, but the logo are those which treated white and black wings. The world of ultra-dimension also exists parallel existence as mere mortals. Here also but the leader of the anti-goddess civil society organizations (timid), to give the power in certain events, will be distorted Neptune skip to God dimension of the world, even the personality and civil organizations. Depending on the deployment, it would be allowed to sudden change either of Rei also at the hands of Croire. Actually we were the first country goddess of "Tari" in God dimension side, selfishly and behaved results, country by revolt would be destroyed. This means that as Tari shock, was transmitted as an unknown legend also whether the real. As a result, the goddess system belief and doubt from the consciousness that want to escape the responsibility, we founded the Seven Sages. It is the goddess of the circumstances do not even remember the other person, but it seems to have at least goddess of was 30 close. Nor does it's holding hands with men. Goddess of the more arrogant and high-handed I do not think her personality makeover before and the same person (to be precise, there is a place to get on the tone until the abnormal obtains a force from the original, it came out on the surface) in the Yes, enough to treat fly insects the Croire. Instead, does not so much change appearance even when goddess of (breast is larger). After all settled, this becomes a black Rei let out to some extent consciously, the objective has been successful in bringing together and rally the Seven Sages (but there are only three people) and etc. Different actively. Rei of God dimension I write a picture to illustrate the past of their own to Neptune us, but the picture is very hard to understand, it becomes that it would Yobaware as "artist". The name derived from the regulatory ordinance, past from the Atari 2600.


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