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Reiji Kido is a character from the Persona.



Boy with Earring classmate. Called "Reiji". Reticent transfer student, which has been moving in six months ago. His hobby is magic. And there is a blunt in Kowaomote, but in fact his mother think of the boy. And holding a personal grudge against Takahisa Kandori, it had been intended only to fulfill their own thoughts. Also it was accompanied Boy with Earring, match interests than initially say trust, but that was from calculative thinking that purpose is likely to play, gradually the consciousness is changed to one to continue to act together go. To be able to fight together as a party member only hen Sobek. Are difficult conditions to be a friend, is a positive route to it is a story manner is a hidden character existence, event often does not occur when him not to fellow. Instead very many bad persona of compatibility, it is possible to work with a special persona, such as DEVIL · TOWER. Also appeared to a young man with a glove of legend to "2". Initial persona "DEVIL Breath". Use weapons knuckle and rifle.

Persona 2

St. Erumin school OB. 20-year-old. After graduating from high school but get to sales positions, did not go to blunt personality is evil work well, are resignation middle from Toro to work in the same company. Currently dating two years older mothers like women. Lisa says, is said to be naked Bancho, the Globe has become a legend.


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