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Reika Shindai is a messenger of the Sword of Logos and an antagonist turned protagonist in Kamen Rider Saber. She uses the Eneiken Noroshi to become Kamen Rider Sabela.

She initially assisted Master Logos alongside her brother Ryoga Shindai until his growing megalomania made her question her service to him. She and her brother would later turn to fighting against Master Logos after he made his true intentions known, leading her to ally with Touma Kamiyama and his team.

She is portrayed by Angela Mei.



Coming from a clan which served Sword of Logos for generations, Reika joined Southern Base as the inheritor of the Eneiken Noroshi some time before Touma became the next Saber and soon was summoned to meet Master Logos. Master Logos instructed her to keep tabs on the Northern Base Riders, particularly the next Saber whom he took an interest in.

Arrival at Northern Base

Reika first appears when she arrives from the base of the Southern Sword of Logos to observe the new Saber, Touma Kamiyama.

She would later encounter Kento Fukamiya and give him the Tri Cerberus Wonder Ride Book to aid him in his fight against Kamen Rider Calibur, leading him to uncover Calibur's true identity.

After Calibur's true identity as Daichi Kamijou, the former Saber, was uncovered, Reika covertly kidnapped Sophia using the power of the Eneiken Noroshi after Sophia went to meet with Daichi.

Manipulating the Riders

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Following the second Calibur's demise, Reika approached Touma and attempted to scout him to join the Sword of Logos Southern Base, but Touma politely declined her offer.

Deeming Touma a threat to her overall goals, Reika convinced the other Riders of Northern Base that Touma was a traitor, using the fact that he was trusting the word of Daichi and attempting to find a traitor in the Sword of Logos as evidence to this fact. This would lead to Touma's friends in SOL turning against him and attempting to take back his Seikan Swordriver, leading to several clashes between the Riders.

Becoming Sabela

Reika in her swordswoman garb.

Eventually, as her and Master Logos' plans came closer to fruition, Reika would use the Eneiken Noroshi to become Kamen Rider Sabela in order to battle Touma and the growing number of Riders he brought to his side, which now included Tetsuo Daishinji and Ryo Ogami. Reika transformed into Sabela and attacked the Riders in Northern Base, leading Touma to transform into Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon to protect his friends. It was then that their fight was interrupted by a third Kamen Rider Calibur who suddenly appeared and reverted Touma from his transformation. Taking advantage of this distraction, Reika left the scene for the time being.

Reika would later attack Ryo and Tetsuo again, only for Kento to again interrupt their fight. After Kento became Calibur Jaou Dragon and disabled Tetsuo's blade, Reika stole his Wonder Ride Book to return to the Sword of Logos and left the scene.

Soon after, Reika met with Master Logos to asked what they should do about the emergence of the new Kamen Rider Calibur and the books he had sealed. It was then that her brother, Ryoga Shindai, appeared and suggested they just defeat Calibur and claim the Abyssal Blade, an idea Master Logos affirmed. Reika later went to interrogate Sophia again, only to be followed by Rintaro Shindo. Reika again demanded Sophia reveal the location of the book that had the power to create humans, but Sophia refused to talk.

Assault on Northern Base

Accompanying her brother, Reika met with Master Logos to inform him that the traitor and the Megid had gotten away, but Master Logos cut her off and instructed her to leave them alive before teleporting away. Ryoga then told her sister that Master Logos' trust in her was faltering, to which Reika stated she would make him proud next time.

After Master Logos destroyed the barrier surrounding Northern Base, Reika Shindai was sent alongside her brother to attack the base and steal their portion of the Book of Ancients. Teleporting inside, Ryoga and Reika assumed their Rider forms to do battle against the Northern Base Riders. At the same time Durendal and Sabela began their attack, Storious and Zooous also assaulted the base, leading Saber and Saikou to hold off the two Southern Base Riders while their allies went to deal with the Megiddo. As the Northern and Southern Base Riders fought, Touma questioned what Master Logos was planning to do with the Book of Ancients, to which Ryoga proclaimed that they did not need to know and that their cause was just. Touma then asked why they were attacking alongside the Megiddo and if they were working together, but Ryoga and Reika seemed confused by this and believed Touma was trying to trick them. Ryoga then directed Reika to go steal the Sacred Swords while he stayed behind to deal with both Touma and Yuri. Master Logos later summoned Ryoga and Reika back to Southern Base, and revealed that they had now gained more Wonder Ride Books thanks to their attack. Noticing that Buster's gear was among the things they had collected, Reika realized that he was last seen with Zooous and wondered if there was validity what Touma had stated.

Watching over the Swordsman of Fire

Reika and Ryoga were later instructed by Master Logos to keep watch over Touma Kamiyama. Before they were dismissed, the Master informed them that he would be sending loose "a hound" in the field.

Reika came across Touma as he and Yuri were battling Bacht. During their fight, they were interrupted by a portal to the Wonder World which revealed Luna again. Reika instantly recognized her as a girl who could connect the worlds but before Touma could reach her the portal closed again. After Bacht exited the scene, Reika took her leave as well.

Reika would later intervene in the fight between Touma, Yuri, Bacht and Kento Fukamiya to pick up Yuri's Sacred Sword after the Swordsman of Light was slain by the combined attacks of Falchion and Calibur.

Reika later appeared after Touma was reunited with Luna to kidnap her, grabbing Luna before disappearing in a plume of smoke. She then brought Luna to Master Logos, who commended the Shindai siblings for successfully capturing her. It was that Ryoga questioned why Master Logos had unsealed Bacht, to which the Master answered that he was a "hound" needed to gather the Holy Blades and Wonder Ride Books.

Turning against Master Logos

Reika and Ryoga later accompanied Master Logos to the spot where the worlds had become connected with Luna, within which Master Logos summoned a massive tower that had the Seiken embedded in it. They were soon confronted by Rintaro, Tetsuo and Ryo, but Master Logos was unconcerned as everything was going according to his plan. Sabela and Durendal then took to the field to defeat the swordsmen and claim their Seiken for the tower. However, it was then that Bacht suddenly swooped in and attacked the sibling Riders, adding their Seikens and Wonder Ride Books to Master Logos' collection. After Master Logos nonchalantly dismissed Bacht's actions, Reika attempted to confront him but was held back by Ryoga. Later, after Master Logos obtained the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book, Reika and Ryoga teleported away from the scene alongside Master Logos.

Reika would later ask Ryoga in private about what they should do about Master Logos. Ryoga proclaimed that it was the duty of the Shindai clan to serve the Master Logos and that they should wait and see if Master Logos still intends to do his duty of protecting the world. After Master Logos returned to Southern Base Reika and Ryoga confronted him and asked if Master Logos still intended to uphold his vow to guard the world, but Master Logos proclaimed that he was not "Master Logos" anymore and told Ryoga and Reika to call him "Isaac". Ryoga then stated that if he was no longer Master Logos, then the Shindai clan would not need to serve him as their loyalty was only to Master Logos. Reika and Ryoga transformed into Sabela and Durendal to face Isaac, but Isaac overwhelmed them both as Solomon. Saber and Blades then arrived and assisted the Shindai siblings in fighting back against Solomon, but Solomon was still able to hold them off with his immense power. Right as Solomon unleashed an attack against the Riders however, Yuri appeared as Kamen Rider Saikou X-Swordsman and dissolved it before teleporting away with Touma, Rintaro, Reika and Ryoga.

Soon after, Touma and Rintaro attempted to persuade the Shindai siblings to ally with them against Isaac. Ryoga refused, claiming that they were both still traitors to the guild, and turned to leave. Reika, after hesitating for a brief moment, joined her brother and walked off with him.

Whilst the Northern Base swordsmen were fighting against Kamen Rider Solomon, Sabela and Durendal showed up to take him on again after the other swordsmen were overwhelmed. They too were quickly beaten back by Solomon's overwhelming power, but it wasn't long before Touma Kamiyama arrived to provide assistance. Reika would later join the other swordsmen in uniting their blades together to bring forth the Haouken Xross Saber, which Touma Kamiyama used to become Kamen Rider Xross Saber and undo the damage Solomon caused. After Solomon was driven away, Reika and Ryoga left to search for him.

Reika met with Ryoga to ask him what their next move would be, to which Ryoga answered they were going to go take out Master Logos. The two then broke into Southern Base in order to defeat Isaac and take back the Wonder Ride Books in his possession. Upon entering, the two discovered that Master Logos had frozen all the Southern Base swordsmen in place to keep them from interfering. They were then confronted by Isaac and Kamen Rider Solomon and assumed their Rider forms to fight him. While Durendal fought Solomon, Sabela went to retrieve the Wonder Ride Books that Isaac had taken, using a smoke illusion of herself to keep Solomon from catching on. After Solomon injured Durendal and forced Ryoga out of his transformation, Reika appeared, having taken the Wonder Ride Books, and teleported away with her brother in a plume of smoke. Reika then brought her injured brother to Fantastic Kamiyama Bookstore, giving the Riders back their books and asking them to treat her brother. She allowed Touma and Rintaro to use the Book Gate to enter Southern Base and confront Master Logos, telling them not to let her brother's efforts go to waste. After the two Riders returned, Reika thanked them and Mei Sudo for helping her brother. Ryoga also gave them a reluctant thank you, something which Rintaro found amusing.


Reika is a very mysterious woman, keeping her true intentions concealed at all times. In conversation she is polite, but not warm or friendly and takes a very professional and detached approached to most interactions. While generally keeping a cool tone, she can get more aggressive and stern if she needs to make a point, such as reminding anyone who doubts her orders that her words are that of Master Logos himself. Behind her polite persona, Reika is very cold and ruthless, willing to take underhanded means to reach her goal. At the same time, while ruthless, Reika never acts without planning first and every move she makes is carefully calculated. While primarily a distant schemer and manipulator, Reika is not above taking to the field when necessary and demonstrates a high amount of combat prowess, being able to take on both Kamen Riders Buster and Slash at once. She is also great at taking advantage of other external factors in her fights, such as when she exploited Kento Fukamiya's interference in her battle to steal the Wonder Ride Books of Slash.

Besides her cunning, Reika's other most notable trait is her intense loyalty to Master Logos. She is shown to feel pleasure whenever he praises her, and also seems visibly distressed when her brother notes she is falling out of favor with him. There are few orders that the Master could give that Reika would hesitate on carrying out, and she is even willing to violate the other codes of Sword of Logos if it means obeying him. Her attachment is not of simple duty, but because she believes that, whatever goals Master Logos has with gathering the Wonder Ride Books, they will be for the good of the world. At the same time, Reika's loyalty has limits, and when she was faced with the possibility that Master Logos was conspiring with the Megiddo, she was shown to fall briefly into suspicion. Later, after seeing more evidence of Master Logos' true, sinister motives, Reika would begin going against the Master, eventually teaming up with her brother to fight him after the Master's true intentions came to light.


Kamen Rider Sabela



  • Height: 196.7Cm
  • Weight: 82.9Kg
  • Punching Power: 41.5T
  • Kick Force: 75.4T
  • Jumping Ability: 84.1m (jump person)
  • Running Speed: 2.2 seconds (100M)
  • Insect Technique Deathblow: Shot Insect
  • Smoke Technique Special Move: One stab of eternal smoke (Eien no Hitoshi)
  • Super Special Move: Insects Silent Slash (Konchu Mokumokugiri)


  • Sabela Helm Insect Encyclopedia - Kamen Rider Sabela The head of the Encyclopedia of Insects.
    • Sowaiyu Cocoon - Kamen Rider Sabela Head armor of the Encyclopedia of Insects. The elliptical shape reminiscent of an insect cocoon has a special structure that allows the impact from the outside to escape, and by stacking multiple layers, it protects the head flexibly.
    • Unsect Mask- Kamen Rider Sabela The face of the Encyclopedia of Insects. It has a strong jaw like an insect, and can add the ability of an insect by blowing a sigh on the smoke produced by the holy sword "Smoke Signal Wolf Smoke".
    • Sword Crown - It is installed on the top of the head as a proof of being selected as the holy sword. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Cerbera and the holy sword, adjusting the power balance of both and canceling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it is a blade with a sharp edge, and can be used in battle.
    • On-Fumel Visor - Kamen Rider Sabela An encyclopedia of insects. It works like a compound eye of an insect that captures multiple objects at the same time without being obsessed with one thing.
  • Fumel Bustier - Sabela Insect Encyclopedia chest armor. It possesses the power of the story "Encyclopedia of Insects" and brings the abilities of the insects of the Hyakuhana Ryoran to the transformants. In addition, it is possible to make itself smoke by making the whole body finer by receiving the ability of smoke signal sword smoke.
  • Sword Robe - An armor worn by those who have been selected as the holy sword "Smoke Signal Wolf Smoke". Attached at the same time as the awakening of the holy sword, it gives the transformant the power to fight, such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. In particular, it has the highest synchronization rate with the Wonder Ride Book "Insect Encyclopedia", and its characteristics can be fully transmitted or reflected in each part.
  • Royal Sword of Logos Buckle - One of the equipment used to transform into Kamen Rider Sabela. In addition to deploying the armor "Sword Robe", it receives the power of the Wonder Ride Book from the Holy Sword to generate energy and control various abilities.
  • Fumel Dress - Sabela Insect Encyclopedia. The armor of each part of the whole body has an exoskeleton structure, and it is super lightweight but has excellent defense power, and it repels all attacks.
  • Brian Ale - Sabela Insect Encyclopedia wing. Following the behavior of the swordfighter, it enables a splendid sword dance that dances in the air.
  • Ansect Schmine - Sabela Insect Encyclopedia diffuser. In addition to diffusing the smoke produced by the holy sword "Smoke Signal Wolf Smoke", it also sprays pheromones that can be used to convey information such as signposts, warnings, and gatherings. In addition, it provides various combat support such as emitting a pungent odor and destroying the sense of smell of the target.
  • Ride Ansect Arm - Sabela Insect Encyclopedia Arm. It possesses the power of the story "Encyclopedia of Insects" and produces powerful strength that cannot be imagined from its delicate limbs.
  • Sword of Logos Holder - A holder for carrying a wonder ride book. Mounted only on the left side of the Royal Sword of Logos Buckle, it can hold a holy sword and a Wonder Ride Book.
  • Ride Unsect Glow - Sabela Insect Encyclopedia Gloves. You can increase the attack power of the holy sword by using quickness and powerful piercing power. It also functions as an ability transmission road that connects the holy sword and the swordsman's armor "Sword Robe" to convey the power of the holy sword and the abilities of the read Wonder Ride Book.[1]


  • In an interview with Mantan Web, Reika Shindai's actress Angela Mei said that she used to watch Kamen Rider Den-O with her Filipino mother every day after school when she was younger. Angela's mother now watches Kamen Rider Saber every day to support her and, regarding her daughter's villainous role, told her "Don't bully Touma too much".




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