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Reinhard van Astrea (in Japanese: ラインハルト・ヴァン・アストレア, Rainharuto van Asutorea) is a a major character in the Japanese dark fantasy franchise Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World. He appears occasionally in the main 2014 light novel series, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. Outside of the main series, he acted as a major supporting character in The Dream of the Lion King and the deuteragonist of The Great Journeys, the first and fourth volumes of the spin-off light novel series Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Ex respectively. He is also a minor character in Isekai Quartet, a crossover comedy anime featuring characters from several properties of the "Isekai" genre of anime.

Reinhard van Astrea belonged to the Astrea Family, a long lineage of powerful and noble knights who have served the Dragon's Empire of Lugunica for generations. He owned a powerful sword that could only be drawn against a worthy opponent. So far, Reinhard has only wielded the blade against three people.

Reinhard was born with a unique and powerful Divine Protection. This Protection permanently bestowed Astrea with any Divine Protection he wished for, essentially allowing Reinhard to stockpile various Protections. Not all of these Protections were particularly useful in combat; some simply improved Reinhard's quality of life, such as the Divine Protection of Salt Reasoning which ensured Reinhard would never get salt and sugar mixed up.

He is the current Master Swordsman, having inherited the title from his late grandmother Theresia van Astrea, who was killed in battle by the great White Whale when Reinhard was five years old. A special Divine Protection was bestowed upon Reinhard the moment he inherited his grandmother's title that unlocked his full martial potential, making him more powerful than he already was.

After saving the life of the young street thief Felt, Reinhard realised that she was one of the prophesied candidates to become the 42nd ruler of Lugunica. Since then he has welcomed her into his home and offered his family's support to her claim to the throne.

In the anime adaptation, Reinhard is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese version and Robbie Daymond in the English version. Nakamura's other heroic roles include Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail, Hawks in My Hero Academia, Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Dwarf Shaman in Goblin Slayer. Daymond's other heroic roles include Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Gilthunder in The Seven Deadly Sins, Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and Spider-Man in the 2017 show of the same name.


At his core, Reinhard was a kind, modest, and selfless man. He did not hesitate to help those in need, regardless of whether their troubles were more important than his own or were not worth his time. Despite being off duty, Reinhard saved Subaru Natsuki's life as soon as he heard a cry for help, showing no unwillingness to do so. Furthermore, upon noticing the young man was a foreigner he offered to help him in anyway he could instead of leaning towards caution like many citizens of Lugunica would at the time. He even enthusiastically promised to deliver a message for the boy despite there being no incentive for him to do so. Reinhard believed that it was his duty as a knight to protect and nurture the public in anyway he could, attributing his selflessness and kindness to this belief. He has been called a "knight among knights."

Reinhard, despite his immense power and infamy, was incredibly humble. When rescuing Subaru in the alleyway, Reinhard described his combat strength as "modest" and believed that the thugs wouldn't have retreated if Subaru hadn't been by his side, showing how oblivious he was to his own power and infamy. As a knight, the Master Swordsman maintained a code of chivalry which included the belief that he shouldn't harm women; nevertheless, he neglected this in life-threatening scenarios as he was willing to fight both the Bowel Hunter and the Sin Archbishop of Wrath. Furthermore he showed willingness to bend his code when the situation required it, choosing to ignore Felt's crimes on Emilia's request when he should've apprehended her.

Reinhard had no issue practising lethal force on his opponents, even if they failed to provide a potential threat to himself or those around him. An example of this was when he killed the Volakian spy Miles for trying to escape Lugunica atop a flying dragon after Reinhard had ordered him to disembark. Despite the role his paternal grandparents played in the Demi-Human War, as well as the general anti-demi-human policy employed by citizens of Lugunica, Reinhard held no discrimination against those of half-beast ancestry.

Powers & Abilities

Reinhard van Astrea was considered to be the most powerful individual in the world who was absolutely undefeatable. The only person capable of facing Reinhard at his full power was the Witch of Envy Satella, although a battle between them would still end in a stalemate. His power was so insurmountable that it was said he was capable of destroying the world with a fair amount of ease. Even the Holy Dragon Volcanica would lose to Reinhard if the Master Swordsman drew his sword. By the time Reinhard was eight years old, a law was passed restricting his movements, meaning Lugunica saw him as a potential threat before he even reached puberty.

Reinhard deflecting Elsa's attacks

Reinhard effortlessly deflecting the Bowel Hunter's fast-paced attacks.

From birth, Reinhard had a defective gate that meant he was unable to use magic. That being said, he could still absorb magical energy from the atmosphere to bolster his own physical capabilities. He could also channel the magical energy into a weapon, increasing its overall strength and durability. If he poured enough magical energy into a weapon, he could use it to create a massive magical discharge that split the fabric of space and completely obliterated the target of the attack. However, unless it was his divine blade, the weapon Reinhard unleashed the attack with would subsequently disintegrate under the strain it had been placed through.

  • Intuitive Aptitude: Several Divine Protections allowed Reinhard to innately understand the complexity and exactness of certain things. He automatically gained mastery of any weapon he held and naturally understood the purpose and applications of any item he held, regardless of how obscure they were. He could ride any animal as a mount with masterful skill, regardless of its size or shape. Furthermore, other Protections allowed him to never get sugar and salt mixed up and always know what clothes would suit an individual regardless of the occasion. Anything he cooked, regardless of his methods, would automatically come out delicious. Lastly, one of his Divine Protections allowed him to completely understand the Protections of others just by looking at them.
  • Self-Resurrection: Reinhard would automatically return to life fully restored upon the unlikely event of his death. It should be noted that this blessing could only be used once. However, due to Reinhard's blessing that allowed him to wish for Divine Protections, he was capable of simply wishing for a new version of the blessing that worked just like the previous one.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Reinhard's natural reflexes are far superior than the average individual's, meaning he was capable of anticipating oncoming attacks far more effectively. During the duel in the loothouse, Reinhard nonchalantly registered and deflected the blows of Elsa Granhiert, who, at the time, was moving at speeds surpassing the speed of sound.
  • Superhuman Stealth: All of Reinhard's movements, due to a Protection he received at birth, were completely silent. The ability was passive, meaning Reinhard didn't have to think about acting stealthily to do so. Even individuals with an enhanced sense of hearing could not detect Reinhard's approach, even if he wasn't trying to go unnoticed. Felix Argyle, an individual with enhanced hearing, noted that Astrea was the only person who had ever successfully snuck up on him.
  • Weather Empowerment: Reinhard had several Divine Protections that bequeathed him with additional power depending on the weather and the time of day. To be more specific, Reinhard's power increased under the affects of clear skies, rainy skies, morning skies, and night skies.


That's enough! Looks like I cut it pretty close, but I'm glad I made it in time. Now... what do you say? Shall we put an end to this?
~ Reinhard entering the loothouse.
Subaru: Reinhard? But... how?
Reinhard: Hello there Subaru, seems we meet again. Sorry I'm late.
~ Reinhard greeting Subaru in the loothouse.
Elsa: You're facing The Bowel Hunter, Miss Elsa Granhiert.
Reinhard: Master Swordsman's line, I'm Reinhard van Astrea.
~ Elsa and Reinhard honourably exchanged names before he unleashed his final strike.
Subaru: Hunting monsters is your speciality, my ass! Look at this place, you're a monster yourself, ya freak!
Reinhard: Even I'm a bit hurt by a cruel comment like that, Subaru.
~ Subaru berated Reinhard for his reckless use of power.
Subaru: Oh, yeah, and Reinhard... I haven't thanked you yet. You saved my ass! You saved it back in the alley, too. Guess you just have a way of knowing when I could really use some help.
Reinhard: If I had the ability to do that, I'd certainly be proud. This friend of your's... I found her running around the streets quite frightened and desperate, and she asked for my help so I came here.
~ Reinhard informed Subaru about Felt's involvement in the rescue.
Sorry, Miss Emilia, but I'm afraid that I can't keep my promise to you at this time. I'll be taking this girl with me for further questioning.
~ Reinhard apologised for going back on his word.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

Ex Volume 1

  • Chapter 4: Felix Argyle's Curse
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 2: Reunion with the Witch (First appearance)
  • Episode 3: Starting Life from Zero in Another World
  • Episode EX: Memory Snow
  • Episode 12: Return to the Capital
  • Episode 13: Self-Proclaimed Knight Natsuki Subaru
  • Episode 14: The Sickness Called Despair
  • Episode 16: The Greed of a Pig (Mentioned only)


  • Reinhard's birthday was on the 1st of January.
  • Reinhard's favorite color was, rather befittingly, red. He liked it because of how it sparkled and stood out.
  • According to the author, Reinhard was named after Reinhard von Lohengramm from Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

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