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Hero Overview

Reinhard van Astrea (born Reinhard Astrea), famously honored as the Master Swordsman, is a major character in the Japanese dark fantasy franchise Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. He appears as a supporting character in the main 2014 light novel series, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. Outside of the main series, he acted as a major supporting character in The Dream of the Lion King and as the deuteragonist of The Great Journeys, the first and fourth volumes of the spin-off light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Ex respectively. He is also featured in various short stories and video games based on the franchise. Outside of Re:Zero, Reinhard appears as a minor character in Isekai Quartet, a 2019 comedy crossover anime television series that features characters from several properties of the "Isekai" genre.

From the very moment of his birth, Reinhard Astrea was truly loved by the universe. The world itself would forever refuse to let Reinhard die, and would bestow the human with any blessing he wished for. Because of his many blessings, Reinhard quickly became the most powerful individual in the entire world. Even figures of great calamity like the Sin Archbishops of the Witch Cult and the Witches of the Witches of Sin paled in comparison to the ultimate strength exhibited by the Master Swordsman. Due to the sheer number of blessings Reinhard possessed, he excelled at all paths of life, not just combat. Finding something that another person did better than Reinhard was a tricky task.

Astrea was born to Heinkel Astrea and his wife Louanna, making him a member of the House of Astrea. The Astrea House was a long lineage of noble and powerful knights who protected the Dragonfriend Kingdom of Lugunica from threats with un-rivalled skill and loyalty. At a young age, Reinhard inherited the title of the "Master Swordsman" from his late grandmother Theresia van Astrea, gaining the honorary title "van" in the process. Reinhard van Astrea, as the Master Swordsman, received the blessing of the Master Swordsman that further increased his already unparalleled martial might. Additionally, Reinhard fell into possession of the Dragon Sword Reid, an indestructible and highly-revered blade that had originally been wielded by the first Master Swordsman Reid Astrea four centuries ago. The Dragon Sword could only be wielded by the Master Swordsman, and could only be drawn against an opponent the blade considered worthy of its wielder.

The circumstances around his grandmother's death caused Reinhard much grief, as Theresia had had her blessing stripped from her by the Sword God and given to Reinhard partway through a hectic battle with the formidable mabeast known as the White Whale. The loss of her blessing caused Theresia's downfall in battle, an occurrence Reinhard's grandfather Wilhelm van Astrea blamed on the young Astrea in his grief. To make matters worst, Reinhard's father Heinkel turned to alcoholism to deal with the loss of his mother, eventually prompting him to neglect his son Reinhard. In the aftermath, Reinhard was left without any familial connections, as his mother had fallen into a coma three years prior to Theresia's death, another factor that fuelled Heinkel's alcoholism.

By the time Reinhard was fourteen years old, he had been admitted into the Royal Guard, an order of the Kingdom's finest knights that directly ensured the safety of the Lugunican Royal Family. It was during these years that Reinhard met and befriended fellow knights Julius Juukulius and Felix Argyle, both friendships that the Master Swordsman held dear to his heart. The young man subsequently became an unparalleled and world-renowned protector of Lugunica's people who would carry out missions of the highest importance. Eventually, the entire Lugunican Royal Family perished and a search for the five prophesized candidates to take up rulership of the Kingdom began.

Months later, when Reinhard was eighteen, his destiny was changed when he met an orphan thief girl named Felt in the Lugunican capital's slums. As Reinhard quickly learned, Felt was one of the five candidates to become Lugunica's next ruler. Astrea, believing her to be a long lost member of the Lugunican Royal Family, decided to induct her and support her claim to the throne of Lugunica. Although the pair had an antagonistic relationship, Felt and Reinhard grew extremely close. After years of lacking any kind of intimacy, Reinhard finally had someone to care for and protect.

In all media, Reinhard is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in Japanese and by Robbie Daymond in English dubbing. Nakamura's other heroic roles include Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail, Hawks in My Hero Academia, Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Bruno Buccellati in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Renji Yomo in Tokyo Ghoul, Dwarf Shaman in Goblin Slayer, and Guren Ichinose in Seraph of the End. Daymond's other heroic roles include Mumen Rider in One Punch Man, Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen, Gilthunder in The Seven Deadly Sins, Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and Spider-Man in the 2017 show of the same name.


Reinhard's extraordinarily handsome face exuded a gallant aura.

Reinhard stood at exactly six feet tall, making him several inches taller than Subaru Natsuki. His most striking feature was his flaming red hair that shined as brightly as Felt's crimson eyes. His sparkling blue eyes portrayed a sense of confidence and recklessness. His slender frame featured an array of well-toned muscles, although they were usually hidden by his clothing. The Master Swordsman exuded an aura of gallantry, and, at a first glance, Reinhard gave off an intimidating air that indicated him as someone who was above the norm. His extraordinarily handsome face, which caught the eye of many women, further exemplified his magnificence.

As part of the House of Astrea, Reinhard's hair and eye color were traits passed down from the first Master Swordsman Reid Astrea, and, in Reinhard's case, inherited from his father Heinkel Astrea. However, the visual similarities between Reinhard and his father more-or-less ended there. Instead, many of Reinhard's features were taken from his beautiful mother Louanna. He shared the same jawline, cheek bones, nose, and eye shape as his mother. Felt once commented on the striking visual similarities between Astrea and the bed-bound beauty.

Reinhard's casual attire was nearly as regal as the uniform he wore as a member of the royal guard. It consisted of the well-made black shirt that he also wore as part of his uniform, white trousers with lilac cuffs, black shoes, black gloves, and a double-breasted white long coat with a cutaway front, rolled cuffs, lapels, and lilac lining. The crest of the House of Astrea was pictured on the upper part of Reinhard's left sleeve, and a black belt was fastened tightly around his waist.


At his core, Reinhard was a kind, modest, and selfless man. He did not hesitate to help those in need, regardless of whether their troubles were more important than his own or were not worth his time. Despite being off duty, Reinhard saved Subaru Natsuki's life as soon as he heard a cry for help, showing no unwillingness to do so. Furthermore, upon noticing the young man was a foreigner he offered to help him in anyway he could instead of leaning towards caution like many citizens of Lugunica would at the time. He even enthusiastically promised to deliver a message for the boy despite there being no incentive for him to do so. Reinhard believed that it was his duty as a knight to protect and nurture the public in anyway he could, attributing his selflessness and kindness to this belief. He has been called a "knight among knights."

Despite being the most powerful being in existence, a fact Reinhard was well aware of, Reinhard did not suffer from excessive hubris or even the pride that infected so many of his brothers-in-arms. When saving Subaru, he was quick to nurture any inferiority Subaru might've felt by assuring him that he wouldn't've been able to deal with the thugs if he was alone. As a knight, the Master Swordsman maintained a code of chivalry which included the belief that he shouldn't harm women; nevertheless, he neglected this in life-threatening scenarios as he was willing to fight both the Bowel Hunter and the Sin Archbishop of Wrath. Furthermore he showed willingness to bend his code when the situation required it, choosing to ignore Felt's crimes on Emilia's request when he should've apprehended her.

Although hesitant, Reinhard was willing to practice lethal force on his opponents in the event it was absolutely necessary. An example of this was when he killed the Volakian spy Miles for trying to escape Lugunica atop a flying dragon after Reinhard had ordered him to disembark. Despite the role his paternal grandparents played in the Demi-Human War, as well as the general anti-demi-human policy employed by citizens of Lugunica, Reinhard held no discrimination against those of half-beast ancestry.

Powers & Abilities

Reinhard van Astrea was considered to be the most powerful individual in the world who was absolutely undefeatable. The only person capable of facing Reinhard at his full power was the Witch of Envy Satella, although a battle between them would still end in a stalemate. His power was so insurmountable that it was said he was capable of destroying the world with a fair amount of ease. Even the Holy Dragon Volcanica would lose to Reinhard if the Master Swordsman drew his sword. By the time Reinhard was eight years old, a law was passed restricting his movements, meaning the world saw him as a formidable figure before he reached adolescence. A mainstay of his power came from the sheer quantity of Divine Protections the world had bestowed upon him that allowed the Master Swordsman to do any number of things thought humanly impossible.


  • Auto-Evasion: Reinhard had a number of Divine Protections that allowed him to supernaturally evade and/or reflexively predict his opponent's attacks.

    Reinhard instinctively deflecting the Bowel Hunter's fast-paced attacks.

    The first-sight blessing ensured that Reinhard instinctively knew how to avoid and/or defend from any attacks he hadn't previously encountered, including ambushes. The twice-seen blessing allowed Reinhard to avoid or otherwise counter an attack he'd witnessed before as long as he was physically capable of doing so. Additionally, another blessing caused all projectiles directed at Reinhard to teeter of course, meaning he couldn't be hit by ranged attacks. Coupled together, the three blessings essentially meant that almost all attacks automatically failed to strike the Master Swordsman. Lastly, another Divine Protection prevented natural lightning from ever striking him.
  • Energy Absorption: From birth, Reinhard had a defective gate that meant he was unable to use magic. That being said, he could still absorb magical energy from the atmosphere to bolster his own physical capabilities. He could also channel the magical energy into a weapon, increasing its overall strength and durability. Whenever Reinhard was absorbing magical energy, anyone within a certain vicinity of him was unable to use magic as all of the energy in the atmosphere was diverted to him. People weren't the only creatures affected by the diversion of energy Reinhard caused, as spirits were also unable to draw on magical energy. He could also drain energy from people directly. After years of having to control his power, Reinhard could control the amount of energy he drained from a person. By draining a small amount of energy, Reinhard could induce a state of sleep in his target as shown when he put Felt to sleep. Reinhard could potentially absorb enough energy from a person or spirit to kill or permanently effect them.
    • Energy Projection: If he poured enough magical energy into a weapon, Reinhard could use it to create a massive magical discharge that split the fabric of space and completely obliterated the target of the attack. However, unless it was his divine blade, the weapon Reinhard unleashed the attack with would subsequently disintegrate under the strain it had been placed through. The wave of energy would usually obliterate the surrounding area as well. Elsa Granhiert and Regulus Corneas were both able to survive Reinhard's wave of destructive power. By using the indestructible Dragon Sword to absorb mana, Reinhard could drain an amount of magical energy far surpassing the usual amount that any other weapon could absorb without deteriorating. As such, the blasts of energy projected using the drawn Dragon Sword were capable of incredible feats of destruction to the point that it could vaporise the Beast of the End Puck with a single strike.
  • Energy Resistance: Several Divine Protections provide Reinhard with various resistances and immunities to different forms of magic. Curses and weakening magic had no effect on the Master Swordsman, although neither did any form of strengthening magic, as eighty-percent of all strengthening magic cast on Reinhard was automatically bestowed on an ally of his. Eighty-percent of magical attacks derived from the six magical elements were either dispersed or neutralized in some form. Crusch Karsten's Divine Protection, that allowed her to read the emotions of others to a certain extent, apparently had no affect on Reinhard.
  • Intuitive Aptitude: Several Divine Protections allowed Reinhard to innately understand the complexity and exactness of certain things. He automatically gained mastery of any weapon he held and naturally understood the purpose and applications of any item he held, regardless of how obscure they were. He could ride any animal as a mount with masterful skill, regardless of its size or shape. Furthermore, other Protections allowed him to never get sugar and salt mixed up and always know what clothes would suit an individual regardless of the occasion. Anything he cooked, regardless of his methods, would automatically come out delicious. Lastly, one of his Divine Protections allowed him to completely understand the Protections of others just by looking at them.
  • Mind Manipulation: Reinhard, with the power of a couple of Divine Protections, could manipulate the minds of others. One of his Protections allowed him to share his internal thoughts with others, who in turn, could share their thoughts with him. Another Protection that Reinhard used to manipulate another's mind was considered incredibly dangerous and those rare few who possessed it were treated with caution. This Protection allowed the user to change the mind of their target at will. Reinhard had the blessing of mind-changing since he was four years old.
  • Self-Resurrection: Reinhard would automatically return to life fully restored upon the unlikely event of his death. It should be noted that this blessing could only be used once. However, due to Reinhard's blessing that allowed him to wish for Divine Protections, he was capable of simply wishing for a new version of the blessing that worked just like the previous one.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thanks to a particular Divine Protection, Reinhard was capable of moving and registering objects moving at speeds that far exceeded the capabilities of any ordinary person or animal. His speed was such that he could easily register and avoid the movements of opponents such as Elsa Granhiert and Cecils Segmund, the latter of which could move at speeds akin to a bolt of lightning (one third of the speed of light). An additional bonus of the Protection ensured that any mount Reinhard happened to ride was automatically capable of moving at the same speed as he could until he dismounted.
  • Superhuman Stealth: All of Reinhard's movements, due to a Protection he received at birth, were completely silent. The ability was passive, meaning Reinhard didn't have to think about acting stealthily to do so. Individuals with an enhanced sense of hearing could not detect Reinhard's approach, even if he wasn't trying to go unnoticed. Felix Argyle, a demi-human with enhanced hearing, noted that Astrea was the only person who had ever successfully snuck up on him.
  • Superhuman Strength: Reinhard's natural strength was far above that exhibited by regular human beings. In his mighty grip, sturdy materials like steel would bend and shatter. With a single of his

    Reinhard using his immense strength to part the flow of the air.

    powerful blows, the Master Swordsman was capable of bisecting the metallic arm of Mogro Hagane, whose body possessed the durability to endure attacks from Julius Juukulius's sword without suffering any kind of injury. Furthermore, with his pure strength, Reinhard was able to send Hagane flying into the air despite his body weighing hundreds of kilograms. Astrea could also swing the sheathed Dragon Sword hard enough to create a torrent of wind that parted the air around it.
    • Superhuman Leaping: With the power of his leg muscles, Reinhard was able to leap incredible distances in a single bound. During the House of Argyle incident, the Master Swordsman was able to effortlessly leap from the ground and reach the cloud line.
  • Weather Empowerment: Reinhard had several Divine Protections that bequeathed him with additional power depending on the weather and the time of day. To be more specific, Reinhard's power increased under the effects of clear skies, rainy skies, morning skies, and night skies.


  • Dragon Sword Reid: The Dragon Sword Reid was created eons ago by an anonymous blacksmith who used the finest steel and the finest techniques to forge the blade. Upon its creation, the Sword was blessed by the Sword God himself, meaning it could only be wielded by those fine warriors the deity deemed worthy. Of all the renowned, blessed, and enchanted blades that exited in the world, the Dragon Sword Reid was considered the greatest. The Dragon Sword receive its name from its first known wielder—the first Master Swordsman Reid Astrea, who, during his life, used the enchanted blade to butcher thousands of dragons. The legendary blade was widely-acclaimed for its incredible sharpness and indestructability. After Reid's passing, the blade was inherited by each generation's Master Swordsman, until it came into Reinhard's possession. Due to the Sword God's blessing, Reinhard could only draw it against a truly worthy opponent. Thus far, Astrea has only been able to draw the blade against three individuals: the Blue Lightning of Volakia Cecils Segmund, the previous Master Swordsman Theresia van Astrea, and an undisclosed individual. Additionally, in a possible alternate reality, the Master Swordsman was able to draw the blade against the Beast of the End Puck. Although he couldn't wield the blade most of the time, Reinhard could use its sheath which was indestructible like the blade itself. Additionally, the Dragon Sword was a piece included in the Ten Swords of Power, a set of ten incredibly powerful blades considered to be the finest in existence. The twin swords Murasame and Masayume wielded by Cecils Segmund and the Bright Sword Volakia wielded by Emperor Vincent Volakia and Priscilla Barielle were also counted among the Swords of Power.






That's enough! Looks like I cut it pretty close, but I'm glad I made it in time. Now... what do you say? Shall we put an end to this?
~ Reinhard entering the loothouse.
Subaru: Reinhard? But... how?
Reinhard: Hello there Subaru, seems we meet again. Sorry I'm late.
~ Reinhard greeting Subaru in the loothouse.
The Bowel Hunter: Aren't you going to use that sword at your hip? Love the chance to experience its legendary sharpness first-hand.
Reinhard: This sword can only be drawn at times when its truly needed. The fact that it hasn't left its sheath as of yet means that this is not one of those times.
~ Reinhard explaining his legendary sword to the Bowel Hunter.
The Bowel Hunter: What are you going to show me?
Reinhard: The Swordplay of the Astrea Family.
Elsa: You're facing the Bowel Hunter, Miss Elsa Granhiert.
Reinhard: Master Swordsman's line, I'm Reinhard van Astrea.
~ Reinhard and Elsa honourably introducing themselves before the former's final attack.
Subaru: Hunting monsters is your speciality, my ass! Look at this place, you're a monster yourself, ya freak!
Reinhard: Even I'm a bit hurt by a cruel comment like that, Subaru.
~ Subaru berated Reinhard for his reckless use of power.
Subaru: Oh, yeah, and Reinhard... I haven't thanked you yet. You saved my ass! You saved it back in the alley, too. Guess you just have a way of knowing when I could really use some help.
Reinhard: If I had the ability to do that, I'd certainly be proud. This friend of your's... I found her running around the streets quite frightened and desperate, and she asked for my help so I came here.
~ Reinhard informed Subaru about Felt's involvement in the rescue.
Sorry, Miss Emilia, but I'm afraid that I can't keep my promise to you at this time. I'll be taking this girl with me for further questioning.
~ Reinhard apologised for going back on his word.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

The Dream of the Lion King

  • Chapter 4: Felix Argyle's Curse

The Great Journeys

  • Record of the Days Before the Royal Selection − Diplomacy by Bloodshed
  • Record of the Days Before the Royal Selection − The Silver Flower Dance of the Sword Saint and the Lightning

Volume 1

  • Chapter 4: Fourth Time's the Charm (First appearance)
  • Chapter 5: Starting Life in Another World
  • Epilogue: The Moon is Watching

Volume 2

  • Chapter 1: Self-Conscious Feelings (Mentioned only)

Volume 4

  • Chapter 2: Blessings, Reunions, and Promises (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 3: On the Very Worst of Terms
  • Chapter 4: The Candidates for the Throne and Their Knights
  • Chapter 5: Subaru Natsuki, the Self-Proclaimed Knight

Volume 5

  • Chapter 1: A Decaying Mind (Appears in flashback)

Volume 12

  • Chapter 5: Ending List (Appears in vision)

Volume 15

  • Chapter 4: Next Time, I'm Sure We'll Have Tea (Voice only in vision)
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 2: Reunion with the Witch (First appearance)
  • Episode 3: Starting Life from Zero in Another World
  • Episode EX: Memory Snow
  • Episode 12: Return to the Capital
  • Episode 13: Self-Proclaimed Knight Subaru Natsuki
  • Episode 14: The Sickness Called Despair
  • Episode 16: The Greed of a Pig (Mentioned only)
  • Episode 37: The Witches' Tea Party (Appears in vision)
  • Episode 46: Reunion of Roars (Mentioned only)
  • Episode 48: Love Me Down to My Blood and Guts (Voice only in vision)
Manga Adaptation

Chapter 1: A Day in the Capital

  • Chapter 4: The Bitter Taste of Alcohol (First appearance)
  • Chapter 7: The "Master Swordsman" (First full appearance) (First identified as Reinhard)
  • Chapter 10: The Power of the Master Swordsman (First identified as van Astrea)
  • Chapter 11: Starting Life in Another World

Chapter 2: A Week at the Mansion

  • Chapter 0: A So-called Summoning to Another World

Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

  • Chapter 1: A Gentle, Early Morning (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 2: The Orange Girl (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 3: Shared Homeland (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 4: The Royal Selection Begins
  • Chapter 5: Statement of Conviction
  • Chapter 6: The Silver-Haired Witch's Request
  • Chapter 7: Subaru Natsuki, the Self-Proclaimed Knight
  • Chapter 8: The Self-Declared Knight and the Knight Proper
  • Chapter 16: Immature Negotiating (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 21: Entreaty (Appears in flashback)
Isekai Quartet
  • Episode 10: Join In! Rivals (First appearance)
  • Episode 11: Work Together! Field Day
  • Episode 12: Band Together! Quartet
  • Episode 17: Work Hard! Valentine's Day
  • Episode 20: Challenge! Part Time Job
  • Episode 21: Investigate! First Errand
  • Episode 23: It Begins! School Festival
  • Episode 24: The Show Begins! Showtime


  • Reinhard's birthday was on the 1st of January, which also happens to be New Year's Day.
  • According to the author, Reinhard van Astrea was the most handsome character in the series.
  • Reinhard's favorite color was, rather befittingly, red. He liked it because of how it sparkled and stood out.
  • According to the author, Reinhard was named after Reinhard von Lohengramm from Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The name "Reinhard" itself originated from the Germanic words "ragin" (meaning counsel) and "hart" (meaning strong), the latter of which was a trait keenly shown by the Master Swordsman.
  • In Greek mythology, Astraea was a goddess representing the concepts of justice, innocence, purity, and precision. The author of the series likely garnered inspiration from Astraea when naming the House of Astrea, as the family exemplified many of the traits exhibited by the goddess. Reinhard in particular personified the traits of justice and purity almost perfectly.
  • Yuichi Nakamura and Robbie Daymond, Reinhard's Japanese and English voice actors respectively, also share the role of Mumen Rider in One Punch Man. Interestingly, both Reinhard and Mumen Rider are widely acclaimed heroes of the people who have an unwavering sense of personal justice and would readily sacrifice their own needs to protect and nurture others. Furthermore, both characters are arguably the most virtuous characters in their respective franchises.
  • There are several similarities between Reinhard and Satoru Gojo from the supernatural manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. Both were considered to be the most powerful individuals in their respective franchises, neither were corrupted by their absolute power and had a strong sense of justice, both were born into legendary families well practiced in their respective fields, both had friendly personalities and were easy to get along with, both had hereditary powers, both mentored other characters (Reinhard taught Ton, Chin, and Kan and Satoru was a teacher), both were considered attractive, and both were voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese versions of their respective anime adaptations.
  • In Isekai Quartet, Reinhard's strength is often played for laughs, as is the sheer quantity of Divine Protections he has. Among his gag Divine Protections were a Protection that ensured him victory in any tug-of-war game, a Protection that protected him against Kazuma Satou's Steal ability, and a Protection that allowed him to shove his burdens onto other people.

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