Remy is one of the heroes from the Street Fighter series of fighting games.


Remy has resentment against all the fighters because his father gave up his family to pursue the path of the warrior, and his sister died in the absence of his father, who surrounded her in the ice underwater of Bay of Biscay to protect her.

However, Remy finally visited his sister's grave. Remy realized that he was drawing another shadow of his own paradox, using his resentment against the battle and participating in the sport as a crutches for his own soul and wounds. Remy came to the conclusion of accepting the past and forgetting hatred. Advance, fully aware of the status quo, will not let him anywhere. Although he could not forgive his father, Remy finally looked at his sister and said goodbye, taking the first step of a new tomorrow for himself.

Let her body sink deep into the sea, and walk the last step in the cave, shining, this is what Remy has not seen in the longest time. Remy wants to know where his new way will occupy his new path.


  • As he only has one appearance (so far) throughout the series, Remy's stage (Club Metro - Paris, France) implies that he prefers hanging out and setting his fights at underground venues and urban locales in the late night. The stage is located around the outskirts of a cyberpunk themed nightclub in the heart of Paris' historic quarters, akin to his nationality.


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