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Ren Kralwer is a major anti-hero in Bakugan Gundalin Invaders and also the last descendant of the Protectors of the Dark Bakugan. He served Bardous with the hope of living in the sunshine. He infiltrated the battle Brawlers telling him that his home of Gundalia was under attack. After Fabia Sheen and Shun Kazami expose him as a fraud he fight the Brawlers alongside the Gundalion agents. However once he realizes that the Twelve Orders were untrustworthy and held no care for him, he turns his back on them, joins the Neathian side, and becomes a Castle Knight eventually having his teammates join the fight against Bardous as well. He is Now the Commander of the Gundalian Forces under the commands of Prime Minister Nurzak.


Ren grew up having a tragic past as he was forced to live underground. He starts off having rocky relationships with most of his teammates and the brawlers. While Marucho trusted him, feeling indebted for the Phantom Data Ren gave him, Shun was suspicious of him from the start and had no problem with exposing his true purpose after hearing Fabia's side of the story. Ren's own teammates teased him when he forgot his mission due to his bond with the Battle Brawlers.

However after his team kept getting punished Ren felt really bad for them which caused him to leave the Twelve orders and join the Bralwers seeing how nice they were to him originally.


Ren first appeared asking Dan Kuso Marucho Marukura and Shun Kazami of they were the Bralwers after an awkward introduction Ren introduces himself and says he got new phantom data to thanks to this Bakugan interspace was made. He later meets Jake Vallory the Subtera battle brawler. After Shun wins match in interspace, he and Dan battle it out. In the middle of the fight Dan gets knocked out and sees Bakugan at war, something that everyone finds strange except Ren.

he tells the brawlers that he is from Gundalia and that the Neathians attacked them and that their Bakugan are trained to be soldiers. He tells them about Sid Arkale and Lena Isis. Upon Fabia Sheens arrival, he tells her that he is a Gundalian. Then Shun asks Fabia for her side of the story after she looses to Dan.


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