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The past is always with us. You can try and run away, but it's always there.
~ Rendell's most famous quote.

Rendell Locke was the husband of Nina Locke, the father of Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke, and the posthumous overarching deuteragonist in both seasons of Locke & Key. He was a guidance counselor to disturbed students such as Sam Lesser, but he gunned him down when he tried to resist being interrogated about Keyhouse Manor, setting the tone for the entire show — from beyond the grave, his presence is continuously felt by his kin and he manifests in numerous flashbacks.

He is portrayed by Bill Heck.



I was hoping that maybe you could reach out to him. He could really use the extra support. Is there a problem?
~ Rendell to Tyler

Rendell organized the Keepers of the Keys, but they all disbanded following Dodge's arrival on Earth. He married a girl named Nina. While bare-chested and doing hygiene in the mirror, Nina took note for the first time of a small, teardrop-shaped scar on his upper chest. He would never open up to her about his life at Keyhouse, and was eventually gunned down when Sam came knocking. Unbeknownst to him, Dodge had returned through the Echo Key and communed with Sam to retrieve her magical keys.


All of this could have been avoided if your idiot father had just told Rendell what I needed to know.
~ Dodge

The death of Rendell Locke was the driving factor that would lead to the Locke family moving to Keyhouse Manor, even though he had warned them never to go there. It also led Dodge to regard Sam with considerable disdain. His legacy would endure, as Nina mentioned Rendell to Joe after seeing an identical scar on Ellie, wondering if Sam's words prior to the shooting were relevant. Much later, Bode showed a flashback to Nina through the Head Key in which he and his wife interacted joyfully.


Rendell was a mysterious man with uncertain motives and ambitions. On one hand, he was jaded by his discovery of the magical keys and he never learned the same creature that owned them had been the one to kill two of his dear friends. Indeed, Rendell is responsible for killing Lucas when he was possessed, and removing Duncan's memories. On the other hand, he is also a loving, protective, and dedicated parent and spouse. His admirable regard for sapient life was shown in that he wouldn't kill spiders in the house.


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