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I am really a tramp down to my bones. I hate myself. I bark at the moon, but I don't have the courage to jump and grab it."
~ Renji Abarai.
Listen. I'm only going to say this because you're the only one here to hear it. All this time, for almost as long as I can remember...decades at least, Rukia and I were separated by a distance so great, we couldn't even glimpse one another. But the one who brought us back together was you. That's why I decided. Whenever you found yourself unable to go on, I'd take you onward myself. Carry you if I had to. That's what I've done up to now, and I'll keep on doing it. Forever, until the day you die.
~ Renji Abarai to Ichigo Kurosaki.

Renji Abarai is a Soul Reaper and one of the main characters of the Bleach franchise. He is the lieutenant of Byakuya Kuchiki, and the childhood friend (later husband) of Rukia Kuchiki. In the final chapter, it's revealed that Renji and Rukia have a daughter named Ichika Abarai.

He is voiced by Kentarō Itō in the Japanese version of the anime and by Wally Wingert in the English version, and he was portrayed by Taichi Saotome in the 2018 live-action film.



After dying in unknown circumstances, Renji lived together with several other children that were separated from their parents upon entering the spiritual world in the 78th District of Rukongai (Inuzuri).

One day when they were being chased by an man for stealing water, Rukia appears and causes the chaser to trip so the other children can escape. Rukia would then join the group of friends. They soon found out that Rukia had spiritual power similar to Renji, which made Renji jealous as she seemed to be more gifted than he was, although this didn't stop him to start to admire her as he thought of her as a very unusual little girl.

Ten years later, all the children of the group, except for Rukia and Renji, were dead because of the hardships of living in the 78th District.

Determined to change their lives for the better, Rukia and Renji decide to apply to become Shinigamis. Because they were both gifted with spiritual powers, they manage to enter the Shin'ō Academy easily. Then, they struggled to show their worth to the other students since most of them came from noble families. While training in the academy Renji met and befriended Izuru Kira and Momo Hinamori during a mission in the Human World where they had to work together and defend each other after the group was attacked by a Huge Hollow.


  • According to Tite Kubo, the reason why Renji trades the glasses on his forehead for a kerchief after the Soul Society arc is because the glasses would always break in battle and Renji would spend a lot of his money buying a new one.
  • Renji and Rukia named their daughter Ichika Abarai after Ichigo Kurosaki since he is an important friend in both of their lives.

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