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Renka (蓮華) is a supporting character in the Senran Kagura video game series. She's the oldest of the three Mikagura Sisters and is described as having the spirit of a true Tokyoite. She makes her playable debut in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. She and her sisters helped revive Ryōki, Ryōbi and Ryōna's deceased older sister.


Renka grew up as the eldest of the Priestess sister trio also consisting of Kafuru and Hanabi. They were all educated in a secluded traditional village, the same one of which that Naraku came from and grew up in. Through, she happens, with her sisters, to play frequently with a stranger girl, slightly older than them, in a white cult dress, and with several red ribbons around her hair. They play with her even if the village has forbidden contact between them and the outside world.

One day, while playing outside, the sisters asked the stranger girl if she was a shinobi, to which the girl responds that she was, but had a particular destiny. Some time later, she asks them to warn the whole village: a monster is coming tonight. Fearing the reactions of the elders about their source, and don't seriously believing the warning, the Mikagura do nothing of it. And they're almost going to regret it.

When night falls, and the whole village is sleeping, the Mikagura are woken up by sounds of combat: A Yōma, a parasitic demon, and one of the kinds to figure "human flesh" on their menu. They notice the stranger girl shredding the monster. They admire  her strength, and try to encourage her, but quickly notice that she is tired, and annoyed by the presence of so many potential victims for the yōma, resulting in her being swallowed by it.

The Yōma, happy to have taken it's entry, and about to take the main meal, before suddenly exploding in pieces of demonic flesh. The stranger girl ended it by the outside with a kamikaze technique. All the Mikagura find left of her is one of her flowery ribbons. The girl shares most characteristics with Kagura in her first form: a small girl with a white cult dress, red flowery ribbons around the hair and a playful personality. This is also a character that only few characters know, and the Mikagura never know her, and think she was a normal young shinobi that is dead-dead, while she is actually not.

In the beginning of the game, Renka is seen serving with her fellows Mikagura Sisters as part of their plan to dynamise the Festival: If the guest teams don't take the Shinobi Bon Dance seriously, then there is no reason for her and her sisters to arrive and to smash or just taunt some of their members. At least it was what she was supposed to do and doing at the beginning.

The longer the Festival went on, the lesser the Mikagura even tried to dynamise it, instead deciding to explore the island in order to find Kagura. As the sisters believed her as a deceased shinobi. They initially kept it secret, but their inactivity, combined with their shaddy preparations cause Sayuri to realize what they were actually up to with the help of Ryōki. They try to arrest and discipline the Mikagura siblings, who in response struggle and resist in vain. Kafuru "saves" them by telling a seems-true lie to Ryōki, who with ehr good heart releases the trio.