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Renn is the deuteragonist of Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, (which takes place 6000 years ago in prehistoric Europe during the Stone Age).


Renn of the Raven Clan is the second child of Fin-Kedinn's brother and a woman who'd later be known as Seshru. Seshru had made herself pregnant with Renn so that she could make her own infant a tokoroth, but Renn was saved by Saeunn the Raven Clan's Mage. When Renn's father died when she was seven, she was taken in by her uncle Fin-Kedinn.

The 12-year-old Renn first meets Torak and Wolf in hostile terms when they're captured for hunting a roe deer on the Raven Clan's lands. After Torak shows himself to possibly be the prophecied Listener who's destined to destroy the demon bear by offering his "heart's blood" to the Mountain of the World Spirit, it's debated over whatever he should be sacrificed to the Mountain or not. Renn believes that Torak has to go to the Mountain himself and frees him along with Wolf, coming along to make sure they do their duty. As they journey through the Forest, they become best friends.

After the demon bear is destroyed, Renn helps Torak and Wolf in various ways in the quest to stop once for all the Soul Eaters during the following three summers. Torak learns of her relation to Seshru in the fourth book Outcast, and their friendship develops into something deeper. After all the Soul Eaters are gone, Renn is expected to take up the deceased Saeunn's place as the Raven Mage, but she's spared from the obligation by Dark taking the title. Renn becomes Torak's mate and along with Wolf, his mate Darkfur, their cub Pebble and the ravens Rip and Rek, they leave the Clans to explore the Forest.


Renn is described as a short-tempered yet rational and tough-minded girl with a strong sense of justice. Because of her nearly black eyes and strong potential in Magecraft, she's been disliked by almost all of her clanmates, tolerated only because of her being chief Fin-Kedinn's niece. Torak and Wolf are her first real friends, and she cares for them dearly, along with her uncle. She shows great courage and loyalty with the way she goes against the Clans' laws by helping Torak during his time as an outcast forbidden to be helped. She hates her talent in Magecraft due to her mother's legacy and doesn't want to be taught in it, even though she's forced to use it more than once.

Powers and abilities

Renn's best known ability is her skill in archery, her being possibly the best archer of her clan. She's also well-versed in survival skills. She has powerful talent for Magecraft inherited from her mother. Mostly it manifests itself in the form of visions and dreams.

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