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FE10 Renning Artwork
Renning (レニング, Reningu, Lening in Japanese version) is a member of the Crimean Royal family, and is the younger brother of King Ramon, making him Elincia's uncle. Bastian is loyal to him and Geoffrey is his disciple.

Renning is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and a playable character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He was successor to the throne of Crimea, held by his older brother King Ramon, and was the founder and commander of the Crimean Royal Knights, but he was defeated along with the king by Daein in the Mad King's War. However, instead of being killed like Ramon, Daein turned him into their own knight, by experimenting on him with Izuka's feral elixir. He then became Bertram (ベウフォレス Beufore, Beufforres in Japanese version), one of the Four Riders of Daein. After the Crimean Liberation Army defeated him, Bastian realized Bertram was in fact Renning.

Bastian went to Daein to find Renning in Radiant Dawn, thus meaning he was absent for most of the game until Part 4, where he reveals his discovery of Renning, still mad from the feral drug. Renning was later healed back to his true form in Radiant Dawn as a result of Reyson's Galdr of Rebirth, and can join the party in an info conversation at the beginning of Chapter 4-E. However, he is rarely used because of his level, as other Gold Knights will be past his level by that point. Interestingly enough, Geoffrey will usually have similar stats around his level despite being a Silver Knight, though Geoffrey did mention that he now held Renning's old title and that he "wouldn't give it up easily". Renning then said that he "would remind him why he once held that position".

At the end of Radiant Dawn, instead of becoming king, he decided to help Queen Elincia, his niece, govern Crimea.

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