Renzo Shima is a supporting protagonist in the manga/anime series Blue Exorcist. He is an Exwire who hails from Kyoto and the childhood friend of Ryuji Suguro and Konekomaru Miwa, as well as a classmate of Rin Okumura.

He is voiced by Koji Yusa in the Japanese version of the anime and Brian Beacock in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Walker Yumasaki and Yumichika Ayasegawa.


Shima has natural black hair, which he dyed pink. In the anime he has typically been seen with a open white button-up layered over a t-shirt as part of his school uniform, as well as the True Cross Academy blazer. He seems to take his uniform a little more casually. In the manga however, he has been depicted with the True Cross Academy's dark sweater vest, a white long-sleeved collared shirt, and an undershirt. Later on in the Manga he wears the Illuminati uniform with the jacket opened and his staff strapped to his back. Shima typically carries around a K'rik, which two of his brothers also have. He bears a scar near his left eyebrow.


Shima is the most carefree character out of all the other Exwires and it's shown that he doesn't act as serious as the other Exorcists in serious situations, but yet has a fear of many things, mainly bugs. He is shown to be very ticklish, often laughing at trivial things like when Rin points out that he, Konekomaru and Ryuji are always together.

Shima's very friendly and is one of the first people who befriended Rin after finding out he was Satan's son, saying that he didn't care about it since Rin was a good person. Though he grew up in the same "cursed" temple as Ryuji and Konekomaru did, he doesn't have the same goal as Ryuji or seem to be that interested in its business. He refers to everyone, even his teachers, casually, and even teases them. He loves women and has a big obsession over them. He is also a pervert. He is the 5th and youngest son of his family, and tells Konekomaru he's glad of this because it means he has less responsibilities, unlike Konekomaru who's the eldest. This shows that he isn't willing to take on his responsibilities and prefers to be carefree.

He plans to become a meister in Aria. However, Konekomaru thinks he is best suited to be a Knight and is wasting his talent by just lazing around all the time. He refers to himself as "The Epitome of Cool".

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