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The Replicant is the secondary protagonist of the 2001 sci-fi thriller film with the same name. He was a mind-progressing clone of his rival, Edward "The Torch" Garrotte which was a serial killer.

He is portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme, which also portrayed Chance Boudreaux in Hard Target, Max Walker in Timecop and its sequel, Alain Moreau in Maximum Risk and Kyle Leblanc in In Hell.


After Detective Jake Riley briefly retired, he was recruited by a special anti-terrorist agency in the base where Edward Garrotte's rival clone named Replicant was then created. The clone had the appearance of an adult, but the mind of a child. While Replicant watched the TV showing athlets, he copied and was able to perform acrobats. While the clone was trying to take the meal, both he and Jake struggled then Jake let him go.

Replicant fought agents who then halted him. However, Jake convinced them to drop their guns, so the Replicant copy that.



The Replicant had the appearance of a man in his 40s. He was copied from Garrotte.

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