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Humberto Lopez (Earth-12041) from Marvel Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight 001
Reptil is a character appearing in 2015 movie Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight.

Humberto Lopez (code-named Reptil) is a member of the Avengers Academy who is partnered with the adult Avengers during a "ride-along" program.

He is voiced by Anthony Del Rio.


Humberto Lopez is a class leader at Avengers Academy, and the most dedicated to being a hero. Reptil is mainly motivated to find his missing parents, who disappeared while out an archaeological dig. He's the most level-headed of the team, and he tries his best to live up to the huge expectations placed on him as well as keep his own emotions in check. He can morph into any dinosaur he thinks of and gets his power from an amulet embedded in his chest.

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