This Reptilian Creature of no name from a far away dimension is a recurring character in the twisted series that also had no name by the youtube channel Jordan Under, formally known has Jordan Underneath. Unlike most creatures from this series, this Reptile is surprisingly kind and wishes to help people by becoming a therapist, reason being, he feels no emotion, and hopes helping others might help him somehow. At his core, he is the polar opposite the Purple Monster, as he has similar problems, powers, speech pattern, and voice, but is good natured and well meaning to all.  


Despite feeling no emotion, the reptile is surprisingly polite, and speaking in a kind flattering manner. Unlike the Purple Monster, he is actually genuine about his kindness and really does wish to help others, unfortunately humans are severely frightned of him, and other creatures around his dimension don't care about emotion or are too disturbed to be able to be helped.


The Reptilian Creature has powers that are similar to the Purple Monster, able to transport to other worlds with ease, though he does have these powers, refuses to use them to harm others.

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