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The Resistance (レジスタンス Rejisutansu) are a group of Duelists originating from the Xyz Dimension fighting against Academia appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Their initial hideout was located in one of the ruined buildings of Heartland, equipped with tents and makeshift wells before Academia wiped out there. The remaining members relocated to the Duel Lodge.


Not much is known about this group except that it apparently came to be formed after their city was maliciously attacked by Duelists from Academia. During that time Shun's sister, Ruri, was captured. Sometime after, Yūto and Shun left for the Standard Dimension, Academia students were able to wipe out the Resistance. Sometime after Yūto and Shun left, most of the Resistance was wiped out, with what survivors (and non-combatants) remaining relocating to the Duel Lodge.

Pre-Maiami Championship Arc

In response, Yūto and Shun began to target students of Leo Duel School. Yūto Dueled against Shingo Sawatari and asked him how LDS was connected to Academia. Shingo responded that he had no idea what Yūto was talking about.

Friendship Cup

During his Duel with Shun, Dennis explained the story of how he met Ruri among the Resistance members.

Heartland City

When Yūya, Gongenzaka, Shun, and Shingo were accidentally warped to the Xyz Dimension, they wandered through the dilapidated streets and had found a refugee family who told them that most of the Resistance was wiped out by Academia's students. The only known notable members left are Kaito Tenjō, Allen Kōzuki, and Sayaka Sasayama who went in hiding with refugees in the Duel Lodge.[11] However, after Yūya's Duel against Academia's Xyz Dimension Expedition Team's Commander-in-Chief, Edo Phoenix, Kaito and Allen arrived with several surviving members of Resistance to assist Yūya, which led to Mamoru Noro, Academia's Xyz Dimension Expedition Team's Vice Commander-in-Chief, to surrender, followed by the remaining Academia soldiers after their Commander-in-Chief and Tyler Sisters decided to defect from Academia. With this, the Resistance and the Academia in Heartland made peace and were working together to rebuild Xyz Dimension.

Known Members

  • Yuto
  • Shay Obsidian
  • Lulu Obsidian
  • Saya Sasayama
  • Allen Kozuki
  • Kite Tenjo


  • All members of the Resistance are wearing red scarves, which is the symbol of their group.