Retsu Fukami
The great blossom colored with technique. Fantastic Technique
~ GekiBlue
The Extremely Fantastic Technique
~ Super GekiBlue

Retsu Fukami is GekiBlue of the Gekirangers. He is an employee of SCRTC and a Fierce Beast Jaguar-Fist practitioner.



He was a child when his older brother Gou Fukami was believed to have been killed by Rio. This event traumatized Retsu severely, to the point where years later he still possessed an utter hatred for Rio. He originally had a promising career in painting but took a break to learn the same fighting style as his older brother had to find the same motivation that it gave Gou, rather than out of revenge. Retsu is very intelligent but also selfish, doesn't take interest in others, and gives an impression of extreme coldness, although this changes as the series progresses. He believes that winning should be like a painting, complete and something that moves you. He sometimes mixes English when speaking. He learned of moving sensation of a trance when he mastered Bat Li's Fierce Beast Bat-Fist (激獣バット拳, Gekijū Battoken) style. He knows various "Techniques" (技, Gi, also pronounced as Waza), putting them in first priority when training. His attention to beauty costs him stamina, making his "Body" his weakest point until he competed with Bion Biao in an endurance match (and emerges victorious) to obtain Extreme Ki. This training allows him to become Super GekiBlue (スーパーゲキブルー Sūpā GekiBurū?). As Super GekiBlue, he uses the Fierce Beast Gazelle-Fist (激獣ガゼル拳 Gekijū Gazeruken?) style and is the "Extremely Fantastic Technique" (「過激にファンタスティック・テクニック」 Kageki ni Fantasutikku Tekunikku?).

During the final battle, Retsu is infused with Rageku's Confrontation Ki, and is then brought to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall to master the Confrontation Beast Jelly-Fist (臨獣ジェリー拳 Rinjū Jerīken?), style to seal Long. Three months after Long's defeat, he is seen alongside Ran Uzaki teaching the Beast Fist to young kids at SCRTC.


These are techniques taught to Retsu and/or utilized uniquely by him.

Jaguar-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Technique" of the user. Two variations of this style are Jaguar Drunken-Fist (ジャガー酔拳 Jagā Suiken) and Jaguar Sleeping-Fist (ジャガー眠り拳 Jagā Nemuriken), which are influenced by the Zui Quan fighting style.

  • Spin-Spin Bullet (転転弾 Ten Ten Dan): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that projects his Fierce Ki as GekiJaguar to somersault into opponents.
  • Dance-Dance Palm (舞舞掌 Mai Mai Shō): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that utilizes his GekiTonfa abilities.
  • Dance-Dance Strike (舞舞打 Mai Mai Da): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that utilizes the GekiTonfa.
  • Dance-Dance Jump (舞舞跳 Mai Mai Chō): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that allowed him to fight on a vertical surface against Moriya using high speed and amazing techniques. The beauty of this technique moved even Mele's cold heart.
  • GekiTonfa Bloom-Bloom Bullet (ゲキトンファー華華弾 GekiTonfā Hana Hana Dan): GekiBlue's personal Gekiwaza that uses the GekiTonfa in a spinning motion, creating a flower-like pattern in the afterimage.
  • Super Jaguar Strike (スーパージャガー撃 Sūpā Jagā Geki): A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
    • Super Jaguar Strike Special (スーパージャガー撃スペシャル Sūpā Jagā Geki Supesharu): Gekiwaza with which the Super Jaguar Attack developed.
  • Fantastic Extreme Ki Slash (ファンタスティック過激気斬 Fantasutikku Kageki Zan): While Jan leaves the team, GekiBlue uses the Super SaiBlade, performing his own Extreme Ki Hard Diamond attack.
  • Fierce-Extreme Judge-Palm (激烈断掌 Gekiretsu Danshō): Secret Gekiwaza.
Bat-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through war fan techniques.

  • GekiFan Rise-Rise Bullet (ゲキファン昇昇弾 GekiFan Shō Shō Dan): A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiFan.
  • GekiFan Rise-Rise Dance (ゲキファン昇昇舞 GekiFan Shō Shō Mai): Uses the Double GekiFan to perform a graceful movement in midair.
  • GekiFan Air-Air Slash (ゲキファン宙宙斬 GekiFan Chū Chū Zan): Charges the Double GekiFan with Fierce Ki in midair to slash the opponents.
Gazelle-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user and are mainly performed through GekiGazelle.

  • Gazelle Kick (ガゼル脚 Gazeru Kyaku): GekiGazelle rears up and kicks GekiPenguin to allow for the Penguin Bullet Gekiwaza.
Shared Gekiwaza

These are attacks shared within the 'triangle' of GekiRed, GekiYellow and GekiBlue and occasionally added onto by GekiViolet and Gekichopper

  • Soul-Soul Bullet (魂魂弾 Kon Kon Dan): The three Gekirangers focus their Fierce Ki to over their enture bodies it enters a Fierce Ki Explosive State (激気爆発 Geki Bakuhatsu), charging at their opponents and exposing to them to their Ki at point-blank range.
  • Super Double Attack (スーパーダブル撃 Sūpā Daburu Geki): A Gekiwaza which two attack simultaneously utilizing Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaws.
  • Super Triple Attack (スーパートリプル撃 Sūpā Toripuru Geki): A Gekiwaza which three attack simultaneously utilizing Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaws.
  • Three Plan Slash (三算斬 San San Zan): A three-way attack with two Super GekiClaws and the SaiBlade.
  • Fierce Ki Union (激気合一 Geki Gōitsu): A combination of the Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon and the Stern-Stern Fist, combining the energies of the two Gekiwazas into a powerful attack. The Fierce Ki Union is later augmented by GekiChopper's Super Twist-Twist Bullet.
  • Five Combined Work (五合業 Go Gō Gō): A Gekiwaza which five Gekirangers rush to an opponent while making GekiYellow into a head and spouting each Ki.

These are attacks shared with others.

  • Super Brother Attack (スーパーブラザー撃 Sūpā Burazā Geki): Super GekiBlue and GekiViolet's attack.

Roll call

After transforming into Geki Blue, Retsu says, "The great blossom colored with technique. 'Fantastic Technique,' Geki Blue!" (技が彩る大輪の華 「ファンタスティック・テクニック」 ゲキブルー! Waza ga irodoru tairin no hana. "Fantasutikku Tekunikku," Geki Burū!). After transforming into Super Geki Blue, Retsu says, "'Extremely Fantastic Technique,' Super Geki Blue!" (「カゲキにファンタスティック・テクニック」 スーパーゲキブルー! "Kageki ni Fantasutikku Tekunikku," Sūpā Geki Burū!).


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