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Rev Runner is one of the main characters of Loonatics Unleashed. He is the future descendant of the Road Runner.


Like his ancestors Road Runner and Little Beeper he is super fast. His powers include Sonic Speed, with the ability to run at a velocity of 9983.03, Flight and a built-in mental Global Positioning.


With gaining his super speed, Rev's speech also became quicker. When Sypher stole his powers, Rev's speech became slower, but when he switched powers with Tech in The World is My Circus, his voice speed remained the same.


Before gaining his powers, Rev worked as a delivery boy who had a habit of being late, despite using his invention of rocket skates. He had probably also worked at his father's company at some point.


His father is named Ralph "Pa" Runner and his mother is Harriet "Ma" Runner. He also has a younger brother named Rip Runner. They were all introduced in the episode The Family Business. His father owns a very successful gadget company and expects Rev to take over the family business rather than continue with his "dead end" job as a superhero. When Rev spends time with his family to construct his Robo Amigo, his little brother Rip becomes jealous of Rev's talent as an inventor and superhero while having all of their father's attention. After Rip was possessed by the Bio-Tech Parasite, he acted out on his dark feelings of jealousy towards Rev and took control of Robo Amigos to destroy Acmetropolis. After Rev got the parasite off, Rip apologized for nearly destroying the city, but Rev apologized for not being a better brother. Soon after, Pa uses one of Rip's marketing ideas and Robo Amigo becomes successful, making him finally noticed by his father.


  • It is possible that Rev and his family had gained limbs and the ability to speak through evolution.


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