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Revali's Gale is now ready!
~ Revali
The time has finally come. Brace yourself Ganon, for the STING OF MY REVENGE!!
~ Revali opens fire upon Calamity Ganon
Well, then. I suppose the time has finally come… to reveal Vah Medoh’s DIVINE POWER!
~ Revali as he prepares to counter Ganon’s forces with Teba at his side.

Revali is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a member of the Rito tribe and a major character in the game and returns in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

He is voiced by Noboru Yamaguchi in the Japanese version, and by Sean Chiplock in the English version.


Revali is very prideful in his abilities to the point of arrogance, as he believes himself superior to Link. He comes across as rather flamboyant and theatrical in his speeches, though he often means well. He can be quite sassy, vain, stubborn, and a bit gruff at times, is quick to make sure his friends know when he isn’t pleased, is far from being afraid to speak his mind, and seems to always know what to say depending on what was said to him. He seems to be a tad sensitive about his image, as shown when he screams "My feathers!" in panic when hit with a fire attack in Age of Calamity, and when he felt insulted and mad when he saw that a Hollow copy of himself created by Astor stole his good looks and his talents. Given his hostility towards Link, he often refers to him as "little knight", or "pathetic knight", and has no qualms directing insults to his face. It is this side of his behavior that gets on the nerves of Urbosa and Daruk, who scold him often, and even Mipha, whose facial expressions convey some annoyance when she had to listen to his rants.

In addition, this also surprises Teba upon seeing the kind of person Revali actually was when he met him since he looked up to him, even though he still retained his respect for him. Revali can be snarky, impatient, and easily angered when provoked by others, usually in a controlled manner, such as when he snapped at Daruk for telling him to scout the forest when it was too misty, or he can sometimes even lose his cool when he lashed out at Terrako and Impa for their antics being done too close to him; but he knows when he needs to leave the vicinity to regain his composure. In spite of his pride, he harbors envious feelings towards Link (believing himself to be a worthier Hero than the Hylian). At his best, Revali is mostly calm and reserved, not letting his stronger emotions get the best of him, which keeps him focused on the mission, and will reassure those who are worried when the situation calls for it.

Aside from his complicated relationship with Link, some of his relationships can be just as difficult with some of his friends as well, while he does get along just fine with them. His relationship between Princess Zelda and himself is formal and professional, Revali is particularly polite towards her and it was pretty clear that he worries about her considering the pressure in accessing her power with the impending return of Ganon approaching and he is very understanding towards her considering that he had to earn his power through hard work whereas the other Champions that were chosen, were born with their powers. He and Mipha rarely interact in the cutscenes, despite being in the same cutscenes together, but when they do acknowledge each other, Revali is gentle hearted and tender towards her and will remind her to look out for herself from time to time, indicating her important role as the team's medic regarding her healing ability and Mipha, despite being subtly annoyed by his attitude, does show a lot of respect and admiration for the Rito Warrior.

Because of their contrasting personalities and relationship with Link, Revali and Daruk don't really get along and they often tend to argue quite a lot whenever they interact, with Daruk objecting to his harshness towards Link and Revali biting back with snarky remarks. In various moments where they aren't quarreling, Daruk respects Revali's skills a lot and recognized his importance in the role and Revali sometimes praising Daruk's skill and at times appreciates his presence when it suits him. Regarding their interactions, Urbosa and Revali is a hit and miss depending on the circumstances, and the former chastises Revali the most often out of the four Champions and the most successful at getting him to stop his rude attitude. This indicates that Revali answers to Urbosa more than he does for others.

When Revali is in a decent mood, Urbosa is concerned and looks out for Revali by reminding him to watch his tail feathers even when he thinks he's in the clear and she wanted him and the other younger Champions to understand that they are Hyrule's future, and Revali praises her skills at various points and even deems her a worthy opponent. Revali and Terrako had a rough start after a major misunderstanding in an incident involving Harbinger Ganon resembling it and is sometimes annoyed by its antics, but over time after his death is averted by its time portals, did Revali lighten up and after Terrako was damaged, he was saddened for it and Zelda and he eventually took part and bringing its components together and is quite happy when Terrako started working again and their relationship significantly improved to the point where he pets Terrako and allows it to ride on his back as he flies. Teba is one of the few people that Revali treats with respect and admiration and will ask him about the Flight Range and how things are in his time in a side mission involving the use of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Revali exhibits a strong love and passion for archery, constantly setting records at an exceptionally high bar in several tournaments he takes part in, and eventually took it up to a whole new level with learning how to control the wind that he would use in battle, making him a formidable opponent to those who challenge him. While the most skilled warrior in his village, Revali can be somewhat modest when he voices his distaste towards anything he finds too fancy; as in his diary, he firmly doesn't believe that true strength relies on titles and uniforms alone and occasionally refers to ceremonies as meaningless pomp, as he had to work hard to achieve his Champion status. Even in spite of that though, he does take a liking to his blue Champion scarf he was given. He is also very level-headed and intelligent in terms of battle strategy, evidenced by insisting that he and the Champions should cover both sides of a stronghold belonging to Ganon's monsters and the Yiga Clan, to trap them in a pinch battle. He can also understand the feel of the wind and notice something off, in the case of the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario where he feels an evil presence lurking in the forest, referring to Astor, the Hollows, and the presences of Malice blocking the way to the clearing. Despite being young, he does have good leadership skills and the Rito military respect and answer to him. Like the other Champions, Revali is completely devoted to his goal of stopping Calamity Ganon. This determination proves that despite his vanity, he'll set it aside in light of a bigger picture. He does have some sense of gratitude, swallowing his pride and commending Link for freeing his soul (while at the same time retaining his arrogance by attributing it to the Hylian's luck rather than his skill, yet maintaining some begrudging respect for Link).

As proud as he is, it is strongly implied that Revali suffers from an inferiority complex, indicating that he is, in fact, insecure about himself and his abilities and he went to extreme lengths to improve himself, often getting himself hurt in doing so. This was hinted in the base game during the scene where Calamity Ganon returned; Revali looks at Link when Daruk tells the latter to go to Hyrule Castle and then looks away feeling hurt and not saying a word. Revali's Diary revealed that he had been praised by the local villagers and looked up to by Rito children so much that he pushed himself to do better, but it also put him under great mental stress and carries so much weight on his shoulders to the point where he chastises himself for messing up when something goes awry, becoming dependent on the praise of other people to feel better about himself. None of his entries mention any childhood friends in his life, which implies that Revali often was and felt lonely and it was believed that he wanted to be friends with Link and quickly got frustrated by his lack of reaction to everything he does. As tense as their relationship is, Revali had gotten so absorbed by his own problems that he was unaware that Link's silence came about since acquiring the Master Sword and because of his having to bear the pressures of being chosen to defeat a colossal evil that is bound to bring about death and destruction in its wake. This brought about his stoic, conceited, and arrogant persona; since Revali never wants to be seen as vulnerable and his sense of pride makes it very uncomfortable for him to express his true feelings or admit any weaknesses of his own to his friends, he frequently used it to conceal his inner pain of trying to prove his worth. He will not hesitate to call out anyone who happens to meet him, while he is in that state; in other words, Revali is confident and smug on the outside when he is around his friends or in public, but he’s anxious and emotional on the inside when he is alone.

When he learned of Calamity Ganon’s imminent return, he saw his chance to prove himself with Divine Beast Vah Medoh at his disposal, but it wasn’t until he learned from Princess Zelda that he is to assist Link with the other three Champions that he began to feel sidelined and developed a resentful attitude towards Link. It didn’t help that Link’s silence and indifference towards him, and his display of talent was among one of the factors that really ruffled his feathers and brought out the worst in him. Also in the diary, Revali admits that he struggles to understand those who aren't as talented as he is, as in the case of Princess Zelda, who has a hard time awakening her power required to seal Calamity Ganon away and tries his best to be empathetic to her dilemma. Revali is a very responsible person as he is shown to be extremely protective of his village and cares deeply about the fellow villagers as shown in Age of Calamity, showing no tolerance to anyone who would dare endanger it, after a fierce battle against the corrupted Terrako (a.k.a. Harbinger Ganon) of the past. This, however, can sometimes cloud his better judgment at one point, and it ended up creating a major misunderstanding as he and the Rito warriors mistook the Terrako traveling with Link and company for the one that attacked his village.

While not very obvious, Revali does show that he has a soft spot inside of his heart for his friends at various points, (often through facial expressions and body language, occasionally using his words when necessary) which can be seen when Purah sees Mipha looking anxious when they were getting their picture taken, Revali looks over at her as though he was concerned and smiles when she relaxed. During the battle with Windblight Ganon, if Link takes significant damage, Revali reacts with sincere distress, asking if he is okay. If the player completes the post-challenge boss battle in the DLC, one of Revali's extra dialogues consist of wondering about Rito Village's fate since the Great Calamity, and humbly admits that he will always consider it his home, making it the only time he doesn't exhibit any grandstanding or stating he is superior to Link in terms of skill level at all. When paired with a warrior in Age of Calamity, he’ll sometimes compliment and admire them and their skills. Revali also felt terrible for coming close to killing a critical ally during the mishap about another attack from what he thought was Harbinger Ganon. After Terrako was severely damaged after Link and Princess Zelda were forced to fight it, due to it being possessed by Malice, Revali looks on with the other warriors in silent sadness, as he genuinely felt sorry for Terrako and Princess Zelda, who lost her childhood companion. When Link is about to deliver the final blow to Calamity Ganon, he tells him, “Don’t screw this up!” which was his way of encouraging him, indicating that he respected Link and implied to have grown some faith in the Hylian warrior, despite his earlier resentment towards him. He also became very happy when Terrako was rebuilt and reunited with Zelda. During the credit scenes, following Terrako’s restoration, Terrako visits Revali at his village, where the latter strokes the Guardian and lets it ride on his back as he flies, and later joins his friends, who had taken part in the war against Ganon, in a group hug at Hyrule Castle. The second DLC shows Revali having a soft spot for kids; worrying about Tulin when he disappeared in Korok Forest and inquired Teba’s assistance in searching for the missing boy since he never saw him in the village, noting that he has Teba's white feathers. After finding Tulin, the young Rito takes an immediate liking to the Rito Champion and Revali gave him some encouragement that he will one day master the wind. Tulin imitates the Rito Champion’s arrogant persona, which even made the usually reserved and distant Revali laugh joyously. Tulin is the first person to bring Revali’s stronger emotions to the surface, which not only allowing himself to experience joy, but also strengthened him as a person.


Revali’s features closely resemble that of an eagle, having a golden beak with a brown tip at the end, tail feathers, large wingspan, and dark talons and white sharp claws. He has a slim body covered almost entirely in slate gray feathers (sometimes appearing to be light blue or a much darker shade of gray in certain lighting patterns) he has small red circles around his green eyes with a bit of white as well and yellow eyebrows and light red patches on his cheeks. He wears four sets of braids with light brown ribbons woven in them and they are held together by jaded rings. Revali has some white feathers on both sides of his head, wings, fingers, abdomen, legs, and tail. For clothing, he wears a traditional Rito-styled garments consisting of two silver armor plates strapped on his chest and upper back, shoulders pads covered in brown and beige feathers with a golden tip at the top of their tipped ends decorated with twin light blue and white wing accessories below them. He sports a white vest and a form-fitting sleeveless dark red armor with a small brown belt just below the vest, a large dark brown belt with light brown pyramid patterns around his waist and a beige zigzagged kilt with golden trim. He wears red and yellow leg coverings in his lower legs and jade anklets at the bottom near his feet.

Before becoming Champion, Revali wore a traditional large white tribal scarf with long tails behind him. Each of them has half of the yellow Rito crest with a red and yellow zigzagged trim at the bottom. After becoming Champion, Revali began wearing a sky-blue scarf with a white Divine Beast Vah Medoh emblem. His Great Eagle Bow was also given a small sky-blue ribbon similar to his Champion scarf tied to one end.

Powers and Abilities

Revali is able to fly like the other members of his race. He is also a talented archer, his weapon of choice is the Great Eagle Bow, that he uses with superb dexterity, in conjunction with his ability to fly.

The skill that he bestows to Link is the Revali's Gale - this ability allows Link to summon a temporary updraft, that'll send him vertically high into the air. As shown in Breath of the Wild, Revali uses this ability to give himself a huge boost to his takeoff so he can attack from the air and be more agile than he can be on the ground.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Revali appears as an advanced-ranked support spirit who increases the user's shooting attacks. His spirit battle is a stamina battle against Falco on the battlefield form of Skyloft with high winds in effect.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link's Recovered Memories

Wasn’t this your idea? You're the one who wanted to designate the appointed knight with all the ceremonial pomp, grandeur, and nonsense we could muster! And if you ask me, the whole thing does seem to be overkill. I think I'm on the same page as the princess regarding...this boy.
~ Revali in Subdued Ceremony
Impressive, I know. Very few can achieve a mastery of the sky. Yet I have made an art of creating an updraft that allows me to soar. It's considered to be quite the mastery of aerial techniques, even among the Rito. With proper utilization of my superior skills, I see no reason why we couldn't easily dispense with Ganon. Now then, my ability to explore the firmament is certainly of note... But let's not—pardon me for being so blunt—let's not forget the fact that I am the most skilled archer of all the Rito. Yet despite these truths, it seems that I have been tapped to merely assist you. All because you happen to have that little darkness-sealing sword on your back. I mean, it's just...asinine. Unless...you think you can prove me wrong? Maybe we should just settle this one on one? But where...? Oh, I know! How about up there?! Oh, you must pardon me. I forgot you have no way of making it up to that Divine Beast on your own! Good luck sealing the darkness!
~ Revali during Revali's Flap
So, you didn't feel anything? No power at all?
~ A worried Revali asking Zelda about her progress in Return of Calamity Ganon.
~ Revali confirming to Mipha on Ganon's return.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh Quest

Well now, I've seen that face before... I had a feeling you would show up eventually. But making me wait a hundred years is a bit... indulgent. You're here to wrest control of Medoh away from Ganon, correct? If so, then the first thing you'll want to do is find yourself a map. That Guidance Stone has the information for the layout of this Divine Beast. Can you make it there?
~ Revali acknowledging Link's arrival.
You'll need to look closely at your map of the Divine Beast. The terminals that will activate Medoh are marked by these glowing points. You'll need to activate all of the terminals to take back control. Think you're up to it?
~ After Link acquires the map from the Guidence Stone
There are four terminals remaining! Still a ways to go.
~ When Link activates the first terminal
There are three terminals remaining! Keep going.
~ When Link activates the second terminal
There are two terminals remaining! You're almost there.
~ When Link activates the third terminal
Just one terminal remaining! What do you know?
~ When Link activates the fourth terminal
That was the last terminal! Now you just need to start the main control unit! I want you to take a good look at your map. There should be a new glowing point on there. Well? Flap to it!
~ When Link activates the fifth and final terminal
Good luck! That thing is one of Ganon's own, and it plays dirty! It defeated me 100 years ago... but only because I was winging it. I can't believe I'm actually saying this... But you must avenge me, Link!
~ Revali explaining Windblight Ganon and implores Link to avenge his death.
Well done. I suppose I should thank you now that my spirit is free. This returns Medoh back to its rightful owner! Don't preen yourself just for doing your job. I do suppose you've proven your value as a warrior. A warrior worthy of my unique ability. The sacred skill that I have dubbed Revali's Gale!
~ Revali thanking Link for releasing him and granting him his signature ability
It's now time to move on and start making preparations for Medoh's strike on Ganon. But only if you think you'll still need my help while you're fighting inside Hyrule Castle. Feel free to thank me now. Or...never mind, just go. Your job is far from finished; you know. The princess has been waiting an awful long time.
~ Revali bids him farewell before he's sent on his way
Medoh's sights are now set. You'll have a precise bead on Ganon from this vantage point. And when the time is right, give him everything you've got! Now we wait for that perfect moment... Medoh, we've been artfully patient for the last 100 years. I doubt you'll suffer a feather ever a few more moments...
~ Revali after positioning the freed Divine Beast Vah Medoh.
After all these years, I simply must admit the truth... Even without the power of flight, Link made his way to this Divine Beast... And accomplished something that even I could not... Guess I was wrong about... how lucky he would be. I hope that luck holds out, Link... For everyone's sake.
~ Revali admitting to himself that is indeed worthier
The time has finally come. Brace yourself Ganon, for the STING OF MY REVENGE!!
~ Revali opens fire once Ganon escapes Zelda's sealing

The Champions' Ballad

Not enough. I must stay in the eye of the whirlwind... must push myself harder...
~ Revali's frustration after being blown down on his attempt
You know, Your Highness... It's rude to eavesdrop.
~ To Princess Zelda
You have need of me. To defeat Calamity Ganon. To slay the beast once and for all... It will be my great pleasure.
~ Revali accepting his calling to become Vah Medoh's pilot
~ Interrupting Zelda
I know that I play the biggest part in helping that, ahem... that little knight with the darkness-sealing sword. Correct? Well, if he loses his confidence after seeing me in action... don't come crying to me.
~ Revali being smug
Hmph. So, this is the Sheikah Slate, eh?
~ Revali's interest in the Sheikah Slate
Ugh, fine.
~ To Purah

Secret Dialogue

I truly never imagined you would do so well. Regardless, Revali's Gale should be more efficient than ever. As you are, I guess it's theoretically possible for you to best Ganon.
~ Revali reducing his gale's cooling period.
You again? Well, since you're here, tell me... How is Rito Village faring? Everyone seems to be doing well, as far as I can tell. I can't fathom that it's been 100 years... There's no one left who would even know me. But even so, it will always be my home.
~ Revali thinking of his village
*sigh* It's pointless to dwell on the past. Still... You and I should have fought 100 years ago. A duel against the one who came to Rito Village to challenge my authority. Just imagine... The hero of the Rito against Hyrule's mightiest knight! A battle for the ages! Win or lose, I would have liked a chance to settle the score with you...
~ Revali longing to have a one-on-one duel with Link in life
You're rather persistent. Well, at least you have good timing. There's something I wanted to tell you. You may happen upon something called 'The Diary of Revali, the Rito Legend'. Don't believe a word of it! I'm not the author. Misleading title, I know. Got it?
~ Revali lying to Link about owning a journal
You're back? Hmph. I suppose this is part of your training to defeat Calamity Ganon, yes? I can't blame you for feeling anxious about facing the foul beast. Hm? Were you looking for words of encouragement in my dulcet tones? I can understand why you would desire such a thing but having me keeping you in line would have to suffice.
~ Revali to Link about his training
You're working diligently. As you should. By the way, a word of advice. After you rescue the princess, don't go asking her about me. Understood? Whatever rubbish she may say, do NOT pursue that topic! It's been 100 years, so I bet her royal memory isn't what it used to be anyhow."
~ Revali implores Link not to ask Princess Zelda about him

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Main Story

This nonsense again? Rito Village is my home. While I'm here, you won't be getting any closer.
~ Revali upon learning of another attack
You may think you're good... but I'm better!
~ Revali about to shoot Link
Out with it! We both know that you will be needing my unique skills... to pilot that Divine Beast. Hm?
~ Revali accepts his calling
~ Revali approaches the group
About this pathetic knight in your service... Are you sure he has what it takes?"
~ About Link
What the-
~ Startled by Terrako
It whaaat? Ugh ridiculous. Every last one of you.
~ Revali scoffing
Hyrule's king chose us to perform this pivotal task. It will be my honor to excel, as always
~ Willing to free Korok Forest
Then there's you, the one part that doesn't add up. Why should this nobody be trusted to lead us in the coming battle?
~ Antagonizing Link
You are, of course, mistaken. My Divine Beast is the key! Really now... It makes no sense.
~ Revali arguing
Well...My one comfort is that your reputation...will be completely ruined once you fail. The fallen knight, heh heh!
~ Insulting Link
I've said enough. The time has come to show you what I'm made of. Now witness... Vah Medoh's divine power!
~ About to show off
All clear over here!
~ Letting everyone they are free to proceed
Are we even making progress? We could just be going in circles.
~ Complaints about the mist
As though I could see anything in this muck. Honestly, do you ever think before you speak?
~ Snapping at Daruk
You could probably sneak right by if you didn't have those noisy maracas.
~ Sassing at Hestu
Hm. He didn't just steal my good looks, but also my unparalleled talents! The nerve of this guy!
~ Revali's reaction to his Hollow copy
Gah! Enough! Leave me out of this! If you must fight, do it elsewhere!
~ Getting caught in an fight
Gah! Stop it!
~ Lashing out at Terrako and Impa
How asinine.
~ Leaving the area to preserve his sanity
This is bad. Extremely bad. If the Calamity was able to overtake Hyrule Castle--
~ Witnessing Ganon's return
Just a scratch...
~ Revali at the mercy of Windblight Ganon
Some payback is in order!
~ Revali getting revenge after Teba rescues him
Yes, and yet... I can't help but feel that the wind may finally be at our backs.
~ Reassuring Teba that help has arrived
Hmmm. Well, we would have been just fine without you. But I suppose it's better that you were here.
~ Revali's thanking Link for backing them up, despite not wanting him involved
Well, then. I suppose the time has finally come… to reveal Vah Medoh’s DIVINE POWER!
~ Revali about to protect western Hyrule
And finally, it's our chance to flaunt our power in all its splendor.
~ Revali with the united army
Take this!
~ Revali opens fire
Don't screw this up!
~ Cheering Link on
~ Saying good-bye to Teba
Calm down. The thing's probably stretching just out its nap.
~ Assuring those present about Terrako taking its time

EX Guardian of Remembrance

I did. I'm sure I spotted him nearby... Ugh, where did he get off to?
~ Revali to Teba
Hmm. Come to think of it, his face somewhat resembled yours. I've never seen him in the village.
~ Giving a brief description about the child
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's here. Let's finish this quickly and press onward.
~ Not finding the child in an area
Here too? The monsters aren't going to back down, are they...
~ Spotting monsters in the clearing
Oh? That's unexpected. So, the both of you traveled back through time, then...
~ Being introduced to Tulin, who is Teba's only son
I'm not "just like" Revali. I AM Revali. But, ahem... No need to stare at me with those wide eyes.
~ Nervously correcting the child
Still worshipped 100 years from now... Makes sense. I guess no other Rito warrior has surpassed me.
~ Assured of the received closure he is still remembered
Hm, look at that. And from behind... It's looking like we should split up.
~ Being surrounded
Great. We need to get out of this forest fast, but we don't know the way without the Koroks.
~ Distressed that their destination was a dead end
Hm? This wind... That means just ahead is...
~ Sensing the wind
Well, well. You're actually not bad at reading the wind, are you?
~ Praising Tulin for reading the breeze
Hmph. Leave it to me.
~ Taking on the last wave of monsters
Stop with the over-the-top humility. It's annoying. I did get some good training in, though...
~ Being praised by Teba
Hmph. You know, you're pretty good for a little kid.
~ Complimenting Tulin for leading them out
*sigh* You were nearly killed by those monsters, you know. Yet you're so happy.
~ Noting the boy's lack of fear
Maybe it won't be long until you're master of the wind just like me. You never know, eh?
~ To Teba
Was that... meant to sound like me?
~ Sounding somewhat annoyed
Hmm hmm, heh heh heh heh, HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
~ Letting out a laugh for the first time
You've got a ways to go, kid.
~ Reminding Tulin that he still needs to improve


  • Revali's special ability: Revali's Gale takes about six-minutes to recharge, making it the shortest cooldown period out of any of the other Champion's power. If Revali's Gale is upgraded, the cooldown time is cut to two minutes time; this can only be unlocked if the "Revali's Song Sidequest" part of the EX-Champions' Ballad is completed.
  • Revali's techniques had inspired male Rito to train their sons in the art of archery.
  • None of the Rito other than Revali (and eventually Link) had been able to wield the Great Eagle Bow. This implies that Revali had incredible strength, in spite of his slender figure. Link demonstrates this too.
  • Revali looks strangely like Falco Lombardi from the Star Fox series, but with different physical features.
  • Alongside Princess Zelda, he also misunderstood Link mainly because of Link's silence; At first, he wanted to befriend Link and did what he could to impress him, but Link's silence and lack of reaction made Revali misinterpret this as arrogance, somewhat similar to how Princess Zelda thought that Link's behavior meant that he despised her. In both cases, they were unaware that Link's silence comes from having to bear the burden of his chosen hero title at the time. However, Zelda was never truly inconsiderate or arrogant to Link despite that as her lashing out was very minimal compared to Revali and she quickly felt remorse for it.
  • In Creating the Champion, it is revealed that Revali had longed to teach the next generation of warriors, so he decided to open the Flight Range as a practice spot for children.
  • Revali is the only Champion Pilot who had to develop his signature ability while the other three were born with their power.
  • Revali is shown to be left-handed, given that he holds the bow with his right wing while pulling the bowstring with his left wing.

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Alex | Banjo & Kazooie | Bayonetta | Bowser | Bowser Jr. | Byleth | Captain Falcon | Chrom | Cloud Strife | Corrin | Dark Pit | Diddy Kong | Donkey Kong | Dr. Mario | Duck Hunt | Eight | Erdrick | Falco Lombardi | Fox McCloud | Greninja | Ice Climbers | Ike | Incineroar | Inkling | Isabelle | Jigglypuff | Joker | Ken Masters | King Dedede | Kirby | Link | Little Mac | Lucario | Lucas | Lucina | Luigi | Luminary | Mario | Marth | Mega Man | Meta Knight | Mewtwo | Mii | Min Min | Mr. Game & Watch | Mythra | Ness | Olimar (Alph) (Pikmin) | Pac-Man | Palutena | Pichu | Pikachu | Pit | Pokémon Trainer (Red | Leaf) (Charizard | Ivysaur | Squirtle) | Princess Daisy | Princess Peach | Princess Zelda | Pyra | Richter Belmont | R.O.B. | Robin | Rosalina & Luma | Roy | Ryu | Samus Aran | Sheik | Shulk | Simon Belmont | Solid Snake | Solo | Sonic the Hedgehog | Sora | Steve | Terry Bogard | Toon Link | Villager | Wario | Wii Fit Trainer | Yoshi (Blue Yoshi | Light Blue Yoshi | Yellow Yoshi | Pink Yoshi | Purple Yoshi | Red Yoshi | Black Yoshi) | Young Link | Zero Suit Samus

Assist Trophies
Akira Yuki | Alucard | Ashley | Chef Kawasaki | Dillon | Elec Man | Gray Fox | Guile | Isaac | Isabelle | Jeff Andonuts | Jill | Kat and Ana | Knuckle Joe | Knuckles the Echidna | Krystal | Lakitu | Little Mac | Lyndis | Magnus | Midna | Phosphora | Prince of Sablé | Ray MK III | Riki | Rodin | Saki Amamiya | Samurai Goroh | Shadow the Hedgehog | Sheriff | Shovel Knight | Spring Man | Squid Sisters | Starfy | Sukapon | Takamaru | Tiki | Tingle | Waluigi | White Bomberman | Yuri Kozukata | Zero

Arceus | Alolan Raichu | Alolan Vulpix | Blastoise | Celebi | Chansey | Charizard | Chespin | Chikorita | Clefairy | Cyndaquil | Darkrai | Dedenne | Deoxys | Ditto | Eevee | Entei | Fennekin | Gardevoir | Genesect | Giratina | Groudon | Ho-Oh | Inkay | Keldeo | Kyogre | Kyurem | Latias and Latios | Lugia | Marill | Meloetta | Meowth | Metagross | Mew | Munchlax | Oshawott | Palkia | Piplup | Raikou | Scizor | Snivy | Snorlax | Suicune | Tapu Koko | Venusaur | Vulpix | Zoroark

5-Volt | 9-Volt | 18-Volt | Absol | Adam Malkovich | Adelle | Aeron | Agitha | Aisya | Akuma | Alexandra Roivas | Alfonzo | Alfyn Greengrass | Allen | Alm | Amy Rose | Ana | Andy | Andy Bogard | Angela | Anjean | Ann Takamaki | Anna | Aerith Gainsborough | Aqua | Armor King II | Arthur | Aryll | Ashei | Ashley Robbins | Asuka Kazama | Athena Asamiya | Auto | Axel | Axl | Ayumi Tachibana | Azura | Baby Luigi | Baby Luma | Baby Mario | Baby Peach | Bandana Waddle Dee | Barbara | Barret Wallace | Barkle | Barst | Bass | Beat | Big Boss | Big the Cat | Blade Knight | Blanka | Blaze the Cat | Blaziken | Bord | Bomb Man | Boney | Bonkers | Bottles | Bow | Brittany | Brocque Mosieur | Broom Hatter | Bubbles | Bugzzy | Bulbasaur | Buneary | Buzz Buzz | Byrne | Byte and Barq | Caeda | Cait Sith | Calem | Calista | Camilla | Cammy White | Candy Kong | Cap'n Cuttlefish | Cappy | Captain | Captain Rainbow | Captain Toad | Caroline and Justine | Catria | Celica | Centurions | Cetacea | Chao (Sonic) | Chao (Yuyuki) | Charlie | Charlie Nash | Charlotte | Charlotte Aulin | Charmander | Charmy Bee | Cheese | Chibi-Robo | Chris Redfield | ChuChu | Chun-Li | Chunky Kong | Ciela | Cid Highwind | Clark Still | Classic Sonic | Claude von Riegan | Claus | Cobalion | Cody Travers | Colin | Commander | Coo | Cord | Cordelia | Count Bleck | Cranky Kong | Cream the Rabbit | Cresselia | Crimson Loftwing | Culdra | Cuphead | Cut Man | Cyrus Albright | Dan Hibiki| Daroach | Daruk | Darunia | Dash Bowman | Dee Jay | Deirdre | DeMille | Dhalsim | Dialga | Dieck | Diminutive Guardian | Dimitri | Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd | Din | Diskun | Dixie Kong | Doc Louis | Donbe | Donkey Kong Jr. | Dorothea Arnault | Doshin | Dr. Crygor | Dr. Light | Dr. Stewart | Dragonite | Drake Redcrest | Draug | Dreambert | Dribble and Spitz | Dunban | Duo | Duran | Duster | Dyna Blade | Dyntos | E. Honda | E-102 Gamma | E-123 Omega | Eagle | Eddie | Eddy | Edelgard von Hresvelg | Eirika | Eldstar | Elias | Elincia | Elise | Eliwood | Ellie the Elephant | Elline | Elma | Elvis | Emerl | Enguarde the Swordfish | Ephraim | Epona | Erik | Esna | Espio the Chameleon | Est | Eva | EVE | Expresso the Ostrich | Ezlo | F.L.U.D.D. | Fei Long | Felix | Fi | Fiora | Fire Man | Fishmen | Flint | Flygon | Flying Men | Four Giants | Frey | Freya | Fronks | Funky Kong | Futaba Sakura | Gabriel Belmont | Gaepora | Gaius | Gandrayda | Garchomp | Garet | Gen | General Pepper | Geno | Geo Stelar | Glaceon | Globox | Gloria | Goku | Golem | Gooey | Goombella | Goro Akechi | Goron | Great Fairy | Greil | Groose | Grutch | Guts Man | Guy | H'aanit | Hakkun | Hal "Otacon" Emmerich | Haohmaru | Happy Mask Salesman | Haru Okumura | Hawke | Hawkeye | Hector (Castlevania) | Hector (Fire Emblem) | Helix | Hendrik | Henry Fleming | Heracles | Heracross | Herman | Hikari | Hilda Valentine Goneril | Hinawa | Hinoka | Ho-Oh | Honey Queen | Hongo | Huey | Hugh Baldwin | Hydreigon | Hungry Luma | Hydreigon | Ibuki | Ice Man | Idea | Ifrit | Igor | Ilia | Impa | Ingrid Brandl Galatea | Inigo | Iori Yagami | Iron Golem | Isa Jo | Ivan | Jack-7 | Jade | Jagen | Jake | Jakob | James McCloud | Jeanne | Jenna Jessica | Jet the Hawk | Jill Valentine | Jimmy T. | Jin | Jin Kazama | Jinjo | Jody Summer | Joe Higashi | Jonathan Morris | Joshua | Julius Belmont | Juri Han | Juste Belmont | Kaepora Gaebora | Kafei | Kageshima Kurabe | Kairi | Karel | Karin Kanzuki | Kazuhira Miller | Kersti | Kevin | Kid Dracula | Kiddy Kong | Kim Kaphwan | Kine | King | King Zora | Kooper | Kumatora | Kunio | Kururin | Kyle Hyde | Kyo Kusanagi | L'Arachel | Landia | Landorus | Lanky Kong | Lappy | Leafeon | Leif | Leo | Leon Belmont | Leon S. Kennedy | Levias | Lilina | Lin Lee Koo | Linde | Linebeck | Ling Xiaoyu | Lip | Lissa | Lloyd | Loftwings | Loki | Lon'qu | Louie | Lubba | Luka Redgrave | Madame Couture | Magolor | Makar | Makoto Niijima | Mallo | Mallow | Malon | Maria Renard | Marin | Marshall Law | Master Mummy | Mattel | Matthew | Max | Mechanica | Medli | Mega Man Volnutt | Mega Man X | MegaMan.EXE | Mei Ling | Melia Antiqua | Mermaid | Merric | Meryl Silverburgh | Mia | Micaiah | Milly | Minerva | Mini Mario | Mio & Mayu Amakura | Mipha | Misstar | Mist | Misty | Moe | Mona | Moosh | Morag Ladir | Morgana | Muddy Mole | Mugman | Mumbo Jumbo | Musashi | Muskular | Myrrh | Nago | Nakoruru | Naomi Hunter | Nathan Graves | Navarre | Nayru | Nia | Nina Williams | Ninian | Ninjara | Nino | Ninten | Nyna | Octoling Girl & Octoling Boy | Off the Hook | Olaf | Olberic Eisenberg | Old Man Lobber | Olivia | Omega-Xis | Ooccoo | Ophilia Clement | Orbulon | Orville | Owain | Owl | Owlan | Palla | Paper Bowser | Paper Luigi | Paper Mario | Paper Princess Peach | Parasol Waddle Dee | Paul Phoenix | Paula Jones | Pauline | Paz Ortega Andrade | Penny Crygor | Peppy Hare | Perry | Piantas | Pitch | Plague Knight | Plasma Wisp | Plessie | Pneuma | Polterpup | Poo | Poochy | Poppi | Poppy Bros. Jr. | Primrose Azelhart | Prince Fluff | Prince Peasley | Prince Richard | Princess Shokora | Professor Chops | Professor Elvin Gladd | Professor Oak | Professor Sycamore | Protagonist (Astral Chain) | Protagonist (Glory of Heracles) | Protagonist (Magical Vacation) | Proto Man | ProtoMan.EXE | Rab | Rabbid Mario | Rabbid Peach | Rachel | Raiden | Ralf Jones | Rambi the Rhinoceros | Rattly the Rattlesnake | Raven | Ravio | Rayman | Raymond Bryce | Red XIII | Registeel | Reinhardt Schneider | Reshiram | Revali | Rex | Reyn | Rhea | Ribbon Girl | Rick | Ricky | Riesz | Riki | Riku | Riolu | ROB 64 | Rock Pikmin | Rocky | Roll | Roll Caskett | Rosemary | Rouge the Bat | Rowlet | Roxas | Roy Campbell | Rush | Rusl | Russ | Rutger | Ruto | Ryo Sakazaki | Ryoma | Ryuji Sakamoto | Sagat | Sagi | Sakuna | Sakura | Sakura Kasugano | Sakura Samurai | Salsa | Sami | Saria | Satoru Amatsubo | Seiuchi-kun | Seliph | Serena (Dragon Quest) | Serena (Pokémon) | Seteth | Seth | Severa | Shahra | Shanoa | Shantae | Sharla | Shaymin | Sheldon | Shield Knight | Shiva | Sigurd | Silver the Hedgehog | Sir Kibble | Sirius | Skarmory | Slippy Toad | Soma Cruz | Sophia | Soren | Sothe | Sothis | Spirit Who Loves Surprises | Sprixie Princesses | Squawks the Parrot | Squitter the Spider | Stanley | Starlow | Starly | Storm the Albatross | Strangelove | Stuffwell | Susie Haltmann | Swanky Kong | Sylvando | Sylveon | T. Hawk | Tac | Tails | Takumi | Tama | Tamagon | Tatsu | Tauros | Teddy | Tempo | Terra | Terrakion | Tethu | Tharja | The Boss | The King of Red Lions | The Mighty Jinjonator | The President | The Stork | Therion | Tifa Lockhart | Tikal the Echidna | Tiny Kong | Tippi | Titania | Toad | Toadette | Toadsworth | Tomatrio | Tooty | Tora | Totodile | Travis Touchdown | Treble | Tressa Colzione | Trevor Belmont | Tricky | Tron Bonne | Tsubasa Oribe | Twintelle | Tyranitar | Urbosa | Valoo | Vector the Crocodile | Ventus | Veronica | Villagers (Minecraft) | Vincent Valentine | Viridi | Virizion | Vivian | Waddle Dee | Waddle Doo | Wanda | Wave the Swallow | Welt | Wheelie | Winky the Frog | Wonder-Black | Wonder-Blue | Wonder-Green | Wonder-Pink | Wonder-Red | Wonder-White | Wonder-Yellow | Wrinkly Kong | Wrys | Xananab | Xander | Xion | Yang | Yoko Belnades | Yoshi Kid | Yoshimitsu | Young Cricket | Yuffie Kisaragi | Yun | Yusuke Kitagawa | Zael | Zangief | Zeke von Genbu | Zekrom | Zip | Zora |

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad | Blue Mary | Chang Koehan | Chocobos | Choi Bounge | Dante | Doomslayer | Dragonborn | Gil | Goemon | Goro Daimon | Guardians of Light | Jacky Bryant | King (SNK) | Master Hand | Lloyd Irving | Rabbid | Rock Howard | Saïx | Sans | Tung Fu Rue | Yu Narukami | Yuri Sakazaki