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Rex Raglan is one of the main characters from Record of Agarest War.


The hero of the Fifth generation. His appearance can vary in terms of the color of his hair and clothes, yet he retains the genius of Leonhardt, the honest diligence of his great-grandfather Ladius, the bright and positive side of his grandfather Thoma, and the sincere empathy of his father Duran have, he has inherited the best of each generation before him. The power of the spirit vessel over the past four generations, Dyshana and connection of the soul is the source of power has become stronger, I was tied up enough to share some of the soul of each other. In addition, if you chose Lavinia in third generation (in other words, if the case Lavinia is grandmother's (and Duran mother)), and Faina becomes a relationship of great-aunt and Daioi, if you chose the Faina (In other words, the Faina in the case of grandmother (and the case of Duran's mother), and a relationship of Lavinia and Ooba and Daioi.

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