Rextro Sixtyfourus (also styled as Retro 64us) is a supporting character in Yooka-Laylee. He is the guardian of each of the eight Arcade Machines found in different worlds.


Rextro has a blocky appearance that resembles the graphics generated in games for the Nintendo 64; a 64-bit game console. Rextro has a large head with two cylindrical googly eyes with dark blue pupils. He mostly has orange skin with a yellow underbelly, and blue eyes and red, square-shaped, scales running down his back. Rex also appears to have claws on his hands and feet while his gigantic mouth seems to only have a few sharp teeth. The yellow medallion Rex wears around his neck is one of the game's many Play Coins. Personality Edit

He is very energetic, funny, and lonely dinosaur since no one has played an Arcade. He sometimes forget who Yooka and Laylee are until the Casino area where he reveals to learn some ways of modern technology.

He is very excited when someone wins his game or beats the score of the original game.

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