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This is awesome! Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!
~ Rhino

Rhino is the tritagonist in Disney's 2008 film Bolt. He is Bolt's sidekick, mentor and biggest fan—he has all but memorized every episode of the canine's TV show. So when Bolt shows up at his door, Rhino sallies forth in his hamster ball to help him out.

He is voiced by Mark Walton, who also did Goosey Loosey's honking sounds in Chicken Little and also voiced Barry and Bob from Home on the Range.

Though perhaps not the brightest of characters, Rhino does manage to help both Bolt and Mittens at times. Other than that, Rhino's function in the movie is more that of a "comic relief", offering little character development and personality, but quite a few humorous dialogs.

Rhino was also the central protagonist of his own short, Super Rhino, in which he got superpowers himself by Penny's father (just like Bolt). The short feature was added to the Blu-ray and DVD release.


  • Rhino is voiced by story artist Mark Walton. Originally, Walton was a studio employee tapped to record the test track for Rhino, with the expectations that his part would be overdubbed once they found the "real" voice actor. The directors were so impressed with his performance that they decided to keep him as the voice of Rhino.  Walton was absolutely ecstatic when he got the part.


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