Rhinox II


A spark: when a spark goes online, there is great joy. When one is distinguished, the universe weeps.
~ Rhinox

Rhinox is a maximal and a soldier of the Beast Wars. He was one of few maximals that fought in the beast wars and survived. When arriving to prehistoric Earth, he took the form of a Rhinoceros. He is voiced by Richard Newman.

He loves nature and does not wish to fight but when threatened, he is prepared and can pack a punch. He is close friends with all of his maximal counterparts. Optimus Primal and Rattrap are his two best friends and he was more of a fatherly/uncle figure to Cheetor and Airazor . Even Dinobot and Megatron respected him. He appeared in all 52 episodes of the cartoon series Beast Wars and is one of the few that did not upgrade to a transmetal, something that would later prove to be quite detrimental when he returned to Cybertron.

In a series sequel/spinoff Beast Machines, the surving Maximals return to Cybertron to find it overrun by mindless drones of Megatron. Due to his lack of a transmetal form, Rhinox was paralyzed and captured by Megatron and turned into a Vehicon general and given the form of a giant tank. From that moment onward, he would be known was Tankor. When Optimus restored his memory, he became a rogue and plotted to overthrow both Optimus and Megatron. His plans got foiled and he sacrificed himself to save Optimus and his spark joined the matrix.


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