Rhys (キルロイ, Kilroy in the Japanese version) is the primary healer in the Greil Mercenaries. He joined the group about a year prior to the beginning of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance after finding Titania severely injured in a forest near his home and nursing her back to health. However, Rhys himself is physically a very frail man and is occasionally bedridden with fevers brought on from overwork. Prior to joining the mercenaries, he stayed at home with his parents and could not find work because of his weak constitution.

Rhys is a man of unfulfilled dreams. On several occasions, he has spoken with people about his colorful dreams, the things he always wished he could do. These things were stemmed from being so incapable of doing much during the long years he spent sick in his parents' care. In a Support Conversation with Mia in Path of Radiance, Rhys revealed that he had always wanted to be a swordfighter, but was never strong enough. Mia vowed to help him become a swordfighter, strongly believing him to be her ultimate rival because of a fortune reading, but, unfortunately, after a few training sessions, Rhys grew horrendously sick from strain on his body and the two were forced to give up on the plan.

Another Support conversation in Path of Radiance depicts Rhys speaking with Ulki, a Hawk Laguz, about a dream of his. Rhys is fascinated by the bird Laguz because he had always wished he could fly with the birds outside his window, but Ulki admits that flying is only natural to him and not particularly thrilling. Ulki allows Rhys to ride on his back in order for him to experience it, much to Rhys' delight.

Overall, Rhys is a very gentle and caring person who was mostly sheltered from the outside world, leaving him a great deal of naivete. He often prays for the well-being of his friends and helps reassure them when the going gets tough. He sends most of his income home to his elderly parents and is revealed to be an only child.

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