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Hero Overview

I can tell you from experience...it is only when you find something worth protecting that your passion will burn brighter than ever.
~ Ri Boku to Ou Sen
Now then! Everyone! Ri Boku has arrived!!
~ Ri Boku after arriving at the Battle of Bayou.

Ri Boku is a central and recurring deuteragonist of the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He is one of the leading military figures of the current era of the Warring States Era and was the leader of the second generation of Three Great Heavens before becoming a fugitive on the run after being ousted from the courts of Zhao for his failure on preventing the armies of Qin led by General Ou Sen from taking the critically important city of Gyou. He is currently residing as a guest in the Zhao city of Seika ruled by his old acquaintance, Shi Ba Shou.

In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa who has provided the voices for Rei from Fist of the North Star, Hatchan from One Piece, Minato Namikaze from Naruto, Kazuma Sohma from Fruit Basket, Isshin Kurosaki from Bleach, Jiro from Toriko, Ugo from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and Julius Novachrono from Black Clover.


Early Life

Once upon a time, there was someone with those vengeful eyes, just like yours. The difference was that he was a man. He was around your age too. Just like you, he lost his parents in a war...he even lost his brothers on the battlefield. He became angry...and his anger spread among those of his age in his battalion. He ignored the orders from their captain and recklessly attacked the enemy's base. He went into a trance and his podao did not stop killing. Even though he was slashed by swords and pierced by spears and arrows, he continued to ride across the battlefield slaying enemies with his podao. By the time, he came back to his senses, the head of the enemy general was already on the ground. However, there was no replay. Everyone Died. His cousin, his neighbor, his best friend...None of them survived. He did not feel any sense of satisfaction for avenging his family...He felt something that he never felt before in his life...Loss...
~ Ri Boku to Kaine, Ri Boku/Li Mu Oneshot Story.

In his youth, Ri Boku lost half his entire family through the strife of war. Consumed by a bottomless sense of rage, he lost further friends and family in an unknown war after goading his battalion into recklessly charging into the heart of the enemy army. While he succeeded in killing the enemy commander, he was the sole survivor.


A tall man with an incredibly sturdy and well built body honed from years on the battlefield


A humble and kind person, Ri Boku neither cares about fame nor glory which he stated to Ryo Fui and the courts of Qin during his visit to Kanyou. Further explaining that he is not the type of man who wishes to stand above others and being appointed by the people and the state is a heavy responsibility. Preferring instead to return to the countryside and protect the lands with his comrades while building himself a family, raise sheep, and leisurely spend his days till old age.

However, while on the battlefield, Ri Boku is efficiently ruthless in his machinations and schemes as he is willing to use anything for a complete victory over his opponents. He is also shown to be quite arrogant, a trait shared with many talented characters in the series, as he is confident, he will always prevail.


I have nothing left... My parents... brothers... friends and comrades... All lost... to the flames of war... I let them die... I have nothing left...
~ A younger Ri Boku to Hou Ken after meeting him.
It's enough to make your heart bleed. This is why I dislike warfare. However, one cannot open a path with sentiment alone.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine, one of his right hands.
How unfortunate for you...That I will not die here.
~ Ri Boku to Shin.
So long as you continue to believe that acquiring territory is all there is to warfare, you will never be able to defeat me in this life.
~ Ri Boku to Shin.
Go Hou Mei: Just how far are you planning on taking this war?
Ri Boku: Until the state of Qin has been utterly destroyed.
~ Go Hou Mei and Ri Boku
We're entering a period of domestic strife. Warfare is directly linked to politics. A defeat in war often leads to interior conflict breaking out within the courts.
~ Ri Boku to his young vassals, Kaine and Fu Tei.
I swear to you now, Kei Sha...I shall avenge you with my own hands!
~ Ri Boku after the Battle of Koku You Hills.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

  • Genius Tactician: A tactician with practical experience in strategy, Ri Boku served as the state of Zhao's greatest tactician and strategist after the legendary Rin Shou Jo. With his opening debut to central China, he demonstrated his ability as he fully utilized the northern Zhao cavalry's quality as skilled horsemen and Ou Ki's experience as a central plains General to his full advantage after thoroughly researching his military career during the Battle of Bayou. 
    • Strategical Type:
    • Perception: Armed with an astute sense of warfare, Ri Boku was able to see through Shou Hei Kun's Sanyou Campaign as a potentially checkmating move against the entirety 7 warring states.
    • Assassination Tactics: Since his days of fighting the Xiongnu on the border of Gan Mon, Ri Boku has been a master of assassination tactics as he would wait for the right moment when his opponents are vulnerable to completely surprise them with a swift strike to their throat.
  • Leadership: With a leadership stat of 99, Ri Boku ranks amongst the best leaders in the entire series. Even as back in his days as ordinary soldier, Ri Boku showed his leadership ability when he rallied his comrades on a guaranteed suicide charge in order to take the head of an enemy commander while leading them from the very front. And after becoming a Great General along with being appointed as rising through the military his ability grew to fervent levels as a Great General h due to his victories in the north and over It was noted that after his victory in the Battle of Bayou he became extremely popular among the common folk. The loyalty of his vassals runs so deep that many of them are ready to sacrifice their lives for him.
  • Expert Combatant:
File:Ri Boku's Muscles.jpg


While preferring to take tactical approaches on the battlefield with his brilliant use of strategical warfare, Ri Boku is a peerless warrior in hand to hand combat due to spending years on countless battlefields. As proof of his battlefield and combat experience, he has an impressive build of a hardened warrior with numerous scars across his body.

    • Master Swordsman: With superb proficiency, Ri Boku demonstrated his incredible ability as a master swordsman during his brief bout with Ri Shin as he sent the young man reeling during their duel after matching and overpowering him in terms of power and speed. Later on in the series, he has furthered shown his abilities after he furiously beheaded the large Left Hand of Ou Sen and general, Ma Kou, in a single strike, deflected multiple fired arrows without looking, and bisected a grown man in half.
    • Podao Expertise: Before abandoning the use of it, Ri Boku was a master in wielding in the pole arm weapon known as the podao in his youth, having killed multiple enemy soldiers while beheading their general instantly in the midst of a battlefield. 

Miscellaneous Abilities

    • Information Manipulation: Ri Boku is adept at manipulating information flow. 
    • Investigation Skills: Utilizing his own talents in gathering information, Ri Boku will thoroughly and methodically research and investigate his opponent's military records, strengths, and possible weaknesses to predict their actions.
  • Charisma:
  • Politicial Insight & Knowledge:
  • Overwhelming Influnce: Serving as his state's leading military figure and as the Prime Minister, Ri Boku holds a great amount of influence and power among the 7 states of China. Even after his falling out with the courts of Zhao, his tactics and strategies are still being used.
  • Architecture Skills & Knowledge: Possessing incredible ability in military architecture and fortification, Ri Boku demonstrated his skills as he started to strengthen and renovate the city of Kankou's walls to phenomenally levels as soon he became prime minister. He further showcased his expertise when he created an elaborate multi-layered defense of castles and forts throughout the formerly empty western parts of Zhao in order to prepare for any possible invasions and intentionally modified the strategically important Retsubi, with hidden faults that make it difficult to defend for its conquerors.
  • Horse Riding Aptitude:
  • Indomitable Will:
  • Skill Adaptation:


  • Arrogance:
  • Political Novice:


  • Hou Ken (One-sided friendship/colleague)
  • Shi Ba Shou (colleague)
  • Kei Sha (protégé/subordinate)
  • Kaine (subordinate/comrade/possible love interest)
  • Kou Son Ryuu
  • Chou Sha
  • Fu Tei (subordinate)
  • Ki Sui (colleague/subordinate)
  • Ba Nan Ji (right hand/subordinate)
  • Shun Sui Ju (left hand/subordinate)
  • Gyou'Un (subordinate)
  • Chou Ga Ryuu (subordinate)
  • Kin Mou (subordinate)
  • Gaku Ei (subordinate)

Antagonistic Relationships



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