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Rian is one of the three main protagonists of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. He is a Gelfling guard from the Stonewood Clan and was the first one to discover the Skeksis' true colors and secrets.

He is performed by Neil Sterenberg, with Taron Egerton providing his voice, the latter who also played Gary "Eggsy" Unwin in Kingsman and voiced Johnny in Sing.


Rian and his girlfriend, Mira stole a couple of fruit off one of the plates and the couple make a run for it. The two muses at how the Podlings reacted and how they first met through dreamfasting. However, they are interrupted when an Arathim soldier appears to then and escapes The duo managed to dodge its attacks as it escapes. They decide to inform the captain of the creature that they assumed had gotten into the castle. (in reality, the Arathim escaped from the Scientist's, skekTek, lab.) Rian and Mira go to the captain and Rian's father, Ordon, who is preparing to take the Skeksis lords, skekLach and skekOk to Ha'rar for the Tithing Ceremony hosted by the All Maudra. Rian hopes to be in charge whie Ordon is away but one of the few guards is chosen instead. Mira tells Ordon that they have something important to tell him. Instead of telling his father and wanting to go after the Spitter himself to impress Ordon, Rian simply wishes his father safe travels. The impatient Skeksis readily move out, as do the guards. Mira asks why Rian did not tell Ordon of the Arathim they spotted, with Rian saying he is getting tired of hearing stories of his father the Stonewood hero and thinks this will impress Ordon. He asks Mira if she wishes to join the hunt and she is more happy than to join him. Mira insists they need help, and they choose Gurjin as their third party.

However, during the search, the trio cannot seem to find the Arathim anywhere; Gurjin refuses to go on and allows Rian and Mira to go themselves. As they search, Mira and Rian suddenly hear Gurjin scream. Going back to check on him, they see the Arathim has been spotted by Gurjin. The trio follow it down the road and see it has escaped down a hole that leads to the catacomb. Though Rian and Gurjin are reluctant to go down to the catacombs because it is forbidden by the Skeksis, Mira goes down herself. When they don't hear from her, Rian goes down himself, going down the spider web and using it like  a rope to get back down there. Rian tries searching for Mira but cannot find any signs of her. He travels to far into the catacombs and to skekTek's lair. He watches as the Skeksis enter the Scientist's lab, where skekTek reveals his findings to his fellow Skeksis. When skekTek calls for the person assisting him, Rian is shocked to see that it is Mira who is in the room. Suddenly, Rian watches as the Crystal of Truth drains Mira of her essence and it kills her. Rian begins crying and inadvertently alerts the Skeksis of his presence when one of his tears land on one of the Skeksis. Rian was able to escape but found it hard to leave the castle with every guard at the Gates.

After escaping from the catacombs, Rian found Gurjin at his guard post and dragged his best friend away towards privacy. Gurjin stops Rian and tells him that the other guards had informed them Rian had killed Mira. However, Rian insisted it was a lie and offered to show him what really happened via dreamfasting. Revisiting the terrible scene, Gurjin watches as Mira's essence was drained from Rian's viewpoint and realizes that his friend is innocent and that the murder of Mira was by the Skeksis. Rian realized his girlfriend was truly gone, causing Gurjin to hug Rian and comfort his best friend as they both grieved for Mira's death. Rian felt that Mira deserved justice and that Thra deserved to know the truth. Gurjin agreed and refused to leave his best friend's side, deciding that they would be better off together. Rian came up with a plan but warned Gurjin he was not going to like it.

Gurjin and Rian headed down and spied SkekAyuk and SkekZok, who were searching for Rian and trying to bait him out. Confirming that he does not like this idea, Gurjin follows Rian nonetheless. They come across the Crystal of Truth as they enter the Crystal Chamber. When Gurjin asks if its supposed to be that color, Rian knows that the Skeksis have corrupted it. Rian tells Guurjin they are going to have too climb down the air shaft and down to SkekTek's lab to retrieve Mira's essence. However, when the duo get to the cabinet that has Mira's essence. However, they are unable to grab it because it is locked by a locksnake. They are forced to hide underneath a table when SkekSil enters the scientist's lab and steals the essence. SkekTek caught the Chamberlain and would have believed in his lies that the Gelflings took it because SkekTek sees the bits of locksnake in SkekSil's teeth. Before the argument escalated, the two Skeksis caught the scent of Rian and Gurjin.

SkekSil and SkekTek begin arguing but the Chamberlain dropped the bottle of essence, and Rian grabbed it. Due to their smaller sizes, Rian and Gurjin dodge the Skeksis' attempts to grab them and escape with the essence. They are not able to get far, as they are suddenly surrounded by the Scientist and the Chamberlain, who holds Gurjin hostage. Surrounded by his enemies, Rian hesitated what to do. SkekSil attempted to persuade the Gelfling they are not going to hurt either of them and that they were friends. However, Guurjin told Rian not to listen, as it was a trick. Skeksil told Rian to give up the essence and his escape. Gurjin told Rian to run when he saw the sunset shining through the window and stabbed the Chamberlain at the side for Rian to run past him. SkekSil and SkekTek try catching him but Rian jumps out the window and lands in the ocean. However, a scrap of Rian's cloth was what SkekSil took from him.

Finally free, he went to the Stonewood clan.

Now that he has escaped the Castle, Rian carries Mira's essence when he suddenly sees a family of farmers, whose wagons are stuck. He helped the family, much to their gratefulness. However when Rian mentioned if ending Skeksis role, they said he spoke heresy before making their way home. Upset, Rian continues walking away.

Rian makes it to Stone in the Wood, where he sees Deet arguing with a guard to see Maudra Fara. Though they don't interact, they make eye contact before Rian asked to see the Maudra, which the guard allows because Rian is "one of them," before he insults Deet. Though Rian gets in to see Fara, but she had already been deceived by the Skeksis through Ordon, who both believed Rian was such and that his "madness" would spread to others by dreamfasting. Not willing to let his own father capture him, Rian escapes by climbing up on the chandelier and climbed through the window and into the forest.

Deet later comes across Rian, who is trying to get his fire to light. She comes out to help him but Rian, spooked by her, draws out his sword and gives her a cold glare and demands to know if his father sent her. However, Deet clears up that she was actually sent by Maudra Argot. Seeing that she is not scared of him, Rian puts away his sword. Deet helps him light up his fire and immediately recognizes Rian as the boy who cut in front of her. She expressed that her friend Hup was a prisoner of the Stonewood Clan and asks him to get her into seeing the Maudra Fara. However, Rian tells Deet he cannot help her because he is an outcast of his tribe and that everyone thinks he is a monster. However Deet tells him she doesn't think he is a monster, to Rian's relief. Suddenly, Deet gets an idea of freeing Hup from taking about "monsters," much to Rian's confusion. She wishes him good luck before running off, leaving Rian alone once again.


At the beginning of the series, Rian and his girlfriend Mira were adventurous. He sometimes acted like a child, stealing food from the Skeksis' would-be foods from the other Podlings. He and Mira often played games with each other and didn't appear to take their duties as guards seriously. Ordon believed that Rian acted like a childling because of the act and proved to him that his son was not fit to be in charge of the Guards at the castle. He also was a romantic, being incredibly nervous around Mira when he first met her. Rian was deseparate to prove to his father that he could be his son; however, he took reckless actions to get there. For example, instead of Rian telling Ordon about seeing an Arathim (spitter) in the castle, he instead told his father it could wait when he returned. Rian found this as an opportunity to prove that he could live to his father's expectations, and even dragging his best friend Gurjin into his and Mira's quest.  

After witnessing the Skeksis' deception and killing Mira with the Crystal of Truth, Rian knew the dangers that the Skeksis possessed to the Gelfling and to Thra. He made it his goal to bring the Skeksis' evil rule over Thra once and for all. Gurjin promised to join Rian and stay by his best friend's side, especially after learning what the Skeksis did to Mira. When in the presence of SkekSil during his captivity and the other Skeksis during the Second Battle of the Stone-in-the-Wood,  Rian displayed strong defiance and resistance to them. However, he was nearly manipulated by SkekSil into doubting himself, because of the sacrifices Rian's father and best friend made to ensure Rian's survival. Ultimately, Rian proved to have strong defiance and escaped with his defiance in tact. 

Rian cares very much for his friends and family, becoming very close friends with Brea and possibly developing romantic feelings for Deet as they got to know each other despite only knowing each other for a couple of days.



  • Ordon - Father
  • Shoni - Mother

Love Interests



  • Emperor SkekSo
  • SkekMal
  • SkekSil
  • Tolyn




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