Uhh, I’m Richard! I love chores! Work, work, work! See?
~ UniKitty

Richard is a main character and protagonist in UniKitty!. Voiced by Roger Craig Smith, he is UniKitty's royal advisor.

Physical appearance

Richard is a grey 1x3 LEGO brick. As such, he has three studs on top of him. He has light blue sclera and no irises. He is often seen frowning with puffed-out cheeks.


Richard, unlike the others, is stoic and melancholy. Looking more to the negative, he is the opposite of the cheerfulness of his location. Despite this, he is still a good friend and is the straight man most of the time, logically approaching situations while the rest go crazy or don't think through their actions clearly.


Thanks to a lack of limbs, Richard has the ability to float for movement, along with the ability to hold onto objects by telekinesis. He is also able to phase through floors and ceilings to get to locations quicker.

Background information

  • Richard was originally meant to be sand blue with a flat, studless top, as opposed to grey with studs - like his final design.


  • He is the only main character to not be an animal. Rather, he is a 1x3 LEGO brick. As such, he is also the only main character to not have an animal-based name. Instead, he has a proper name.
  • Him holding a clipboard in the main title sequence may suggest a role of keeping things in check around the kingdom and castle. This was later confirmed to be the case.
  • Richard is older than the rest of the gang, and is the only one to be a full-grown adult. Thus, he is in charge of the castle as well as UniKitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox and Hawkodile.
  • Roger Craig Smith, Richard's voice actor also provides the voice of Hawkodile.
  • Richard is similar to Mr. Gus.
    • Both are boring and smart.
  • Richard is very similar to Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.



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