Richard Rich Jr. (better known as Richie Rich) is the main protagonist of the comic strip of the same name, the two TV series, the film of the same name, and its sequel Richie Rich's Christmas Wish.


Although he is incredibly wealthy, Richie is kind and charitable. He really cares about others and will do anything for anyone, even his friends. Despite being excessively rich, he sometimes doesn't like receiving expensive gifts because he gets bored of them.


He is seven to ten years old and was occasionally seen attending school in his town Richville. He is born to Richard Rich Sr. and Regina Rich and has a dog named Dollar (a "Dollarmatian", which is a parody of a Dalmatian with dollar signs instead of spots).

He has a mean, spoiled cousin named Reggie Van Dough (who serves as the main antagonist of the comic series along with Mayda Munny and Richie Rich's Christmas Wish) who plays pranks on him and innocent people for his own pleasure. Although, those pranks usually get Reggie into trouble.

He has a friend named Gloria, whom he had a crush on. Those feelings are returned, but she does not tolerate him bringing her gifts that costs a lot of money, presumably out of concern for him or has no interest in them.


  • In the first TV series, he is voiced by Sparky Marcus, and in the second, he is voiced by Katie Leigh.
  • In the first film, he is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin (in his last film role as a child actor; any later film roles were played by him as an adult), and Rory Culkin as a younger boy, and David Gallagher (later known as the voice for Riku in the Kingdom Hearts games) in the sequel.
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