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Listen up! In your necks, injection you got, it's a nanite explosive. It's the size of a rice grain, but it's powerful as a hand grenade. You disobey me, you die. You try to escape, you die. You otherwise irritate or vex me, and guess what? You die.
~ Rick Flag to the Suicide Squad.
Peacemaker... what a joke.
~ Flag to Peacemaker, his last words which would haunt the supervillain.

Colonel Richard "Rick" Flag Jr., simply known as Rick Flag, is the tritagonist of the 2016 film Suicide Squad, a major character in it's 2021 sequel, The Suicide Squad, and a posthumous character in the TV series Peacemaker.

He is a US special forces officer (among the finest ever produced by the country), and the lover of June Moone. He was recruited by Amanda Waller to lead her new Suicide Squad team, in a high-risk operation. He and Katana are the only two members of the Suicide Squad who aren't villains. Though greatly distrusting his teammates to them being criminals, Flag would come to see them as allies in their mission to stop Enchantress and her minions.

Years later, Flag would leader the Suicide Squad once again to destroy Project Starfish, but his team would be mostly killed when landing on the beach. Rick would survive and meet with resistance leader Sol Soria, and later met with the second task force to capture the Thinker. He later learned that Waller sent the team to erase all of America's involvement in the project, and when he wanted to expose America's involvement, he was stopped and killed by his teammate Peacemaker.

He was portrayed by Joel Kinnaman, who has also played RoboCop in the 2014 remake of the movie with the same name, and Takeshi Kovacs in Altered Carbon.


Early Life

Rick Flag is known to have graduated from West Point. He's served an unknown number of tours in the United States Military and one day ran into June during a mission. The two got close and they soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. He also ran into Katana and managed to convince her to be his personal bodyguard. At some point during his military career, Flag would work with British officer Robert DuBois in Qurac to take down Avral Kaddam, who would become a good friend of his. Though DuBois would go on to become an assassin under the name "Bloodsport", Flag would later recommend him for the squad years later due to his deadly accuracy.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Formation of Task Force X

Rick Flag is called back to the United States and is assigned to ARGUS. under the jurisdiction of Amanda Waller. He's assigned to be the commander of the Suicide Squad and objects to it stating that Waller needs soldiers and not criminals. Flag had no choice though and reluctantly accepts his position as the field commander of the Squad. Waller immediately sent Rick on a mission to subdue the Enchantress that possessed an archeologist named June Moone. Rick and June quickly fell in love and developed a relationship. At some point, he also ran into the formidable samurai warrior Katana in Japan, and managed enlists her as his personal bodyguard.

Arrival at Belle Reve

The hell is wrong with you people?
~ Rick Flag to the Suicide Squad

Flag soon accompanied Waller as he arrived at Belle Reve in Louisiana to recruit the members for Task Force X. Upon arrival, he was treated by Captain Griggs and was first introduced to Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot at a firing range to witness his skilled marksmanship. Deadshot impressed Flag and Waller with his knowledge and skills on the shooting range; then Deadshot listed his demands to Waller, but saying it to Flag, knowing the hierarchy. He also saw Killer Croc and El Diablo in Belle Reve. Flag and Waller also decided to recruit Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn into Task Force X.

Attack on Midway City

Prior to the activation of Task Force X (consisting of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Slipknot, Katana and himself) aka "The Suicide Squad", an entity known as Incubus appeared in the subway of Midway City, wreaking havoc and killing innocent civilians. Flag and a Special Forces team was sent in with the assistance of a reluctant June Moone, Enchantress' ability to teleport was the key to approaching Incubus, however, unbeknownst to the team and Waller, Enchantress had planned Incubus' release and when tasked to destroy him using a powerful demolition charge, Enchantress took over June's body and bolted, leaving the operation in tatters. In response to this, the Pentagon decided to activate Task Force X and gather them in Midway City Airport.

The very next day, Flag headed over to the Midway City Airport with two navy seals to authorize and gear up Task Force X for their mission. He personally warned them that if the mission fails or if any of them attempts to escape or jeopardize the mission, he'd activate the nano-bombs injected inside the back their necks, killing them instantly. After a briefing from Waller to extract "HVT1", the team then departed for Midway City, with Katana promptly joining them, with another helicopter carrying squad B escorting them. When they arrived in the city, their helicopter was shot down. While on foot after the crash, Flag killed Slipknot after he attempted to escape as he was tricked by Captain Boomerang into thinking that the bombs were a ploy.

Rescuing Waller

Soon after killing Slipknot, Flag and his team discovers Enchantress's minions who are in fact former soldiers and civilians under her control and an attack ensues. As his team and Task Force X fight off the minions, a couple of them outnumber and attack Flag before being rescued by Deadshot himself. While this is happening, Enchantress and Incubus are using their powers to build a superweapon to conquer the world while The Joker, who is the lover of Harley Quinn is planning on freeing her from the non-bombs and rescuing her from Task Force X.

Flag and Task Force X eventually reach the building where "HVT1" is to be rescued from only for the team to discover that their rescue target is none other than Amanda Waller herself. After rescuing her, they proceeded over to the rooftop to await a chopper for Waller only to be attacked by The Joker and his right-hand man Johnny Frost in that same chopper after they killed its passengers. Flag and the rest attempts to stop the Joker but Harley successfully leaps onto the chopper from the roof as it flees from the scene, Flag is also present when Deadshot deliberately misses a shot at Harley when Waller ordered him to snipe her. Joker's chopper is successfully shot down soon afterwards by Waller from afar, presumably killing the Joker while Harley survives. Waller eventually got in another chopper but is attacked by Incubus, crashing in the process, she is then taken by Enchantress's minions to be tortured by her.

Facing Enchantress $ Incubus

Following the presume death of Amanda Waller, the team decided to drown their sorrows with a drink at an evacuated bar. Distraught over what had happened, Flag smashed the detonator to the Squad's neck implants, allowing Harkness to then leave. He then gave Lawton the letters his daughter had written him while he was in prison. Angered by the sudden revelation, Lawton told Flag he would help him get to the Enchantress so that his daughter would know that he wasn't just "a piece of shit".

Once Task Force X arrives, Enchantress attempts to convince them to ally themselves with her to be granted their desires. She compounds her offer with telepathic visions placed into the minds of Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and El Diablo, but Diablo can power through his vision, having come to terms with his accidental murder of his family. Surprised at Diablo's exceptional mental fortitude, Enchantress calls upon Incubus to force the Squad to bow to her. Enchantress watched as El Diablo transformed into a huge flaming avatar to battle her brother. Then, Rick Flag had the bomb she abandoned earlier detonate, killing both Diablo and incubus. Somewhat weakened without her brother, a devastated Enchantress reverts to her ashier previous form, to defeat the group herself.

Reunited with June

While the Squad was initially able to somewhat hold their own against the witch, Enchantress ultimately got tired of their resistance and telekinetically knocked their weapons away, offering them a final chance to serve her. Though it first appears that Harley Quinn was willing to serve her, she abruptly uses Katana's sword to cut her heart open, giving Rick Flag and the Squad a chance to destroy the superweapon. A fallen Enchantress begs Katana to kill and thus reunite her in death with Incubus. Flag, however, holds Katana back and orders Enchantress to return June Moone's body to her, threatening to otherwise kill her (by crushing her heart), but the witch refused. A devastated Flag recalls June's plea to kill her if that means destroying Enchantress, so he tearfully crushes Enchantress' heart, killing the witch once and for all. Moments later, June Moone emerges, ripping Enchantress' skin and clothes off of herself.

After Flag and the squad successfully completed the mission, Deadshot is allowed to spend time with his daughter frequently during his shortened sentence under the supervision of Flag.

The Suicide Squad

Forming a new team

Several years later, a military coup in the Corto Maltese leads to the installation of a dictator named Silvio Luna, who upon having discovered the top secret government experiment known as Project Starfish, plans to weaponize it against other countries. As a result, Waller recruits Flag to lead a new Taskforce, consisting of supervillains such as Savant, Javelin, Weasel, Mongal, Blackguard, T.D.K., as well as returning members, Captain Boomerang, and Harley Quinn, to destroy any and all traces of Project Starfish.

Battle on the beach

Upon arriving in Corto Maltese, Weasel apparently drowns before the rest of the team reaches the shore. Upon being confronted by the Corto Maltese military, Blackguard (who had been planning on selling out the team the entire time) blows the rest of the team's cover, leading to the deaths of the entire team save for Flag and Harley. While Harley was captured by the enemy, Flag managed to escape with the help of the freedom fighters, led by Sol Soria. Eventually Flag would regroup with the backup squad, led by Bloodsport, who he was already acquainted with from their time in the military together.

Capturing of Thinker and saving Harley

Making their way into the city, the team recruits a bus driver named Milton to help them with transportation. Confronting The Thinker at a local club, Flag, Bloodsport, and Peacemaker, are forced to create a distraction in order to allow Ratcatcher 2 and Polka Dot Man to escape with The Thinker. The three of them manage to kill their captors and escape custody and regroup with the others in order to save Harley. But just before their plan could go into effect, Harley manages to free herself. With the team reunited, Flag and the others move on to Jotunheim to destroy Project Starfish.

Infiltration in Jotunheim

Upon arrival, The Thinker leads Flag and Ratcatcher 2 to his laboratory. Here, they learn that Project Starfish is actually an illegally funded US Government experiment being held in the Corto Maltese, involving abusing the abilities of an alien monster The Thinker had dubbed Starro the Conqueror. The Thinker had been spending the past 30 years torturing Starro and using his assimilative abilities to kill enemies of the government (as well as their families).

Facing Peacemaker and Death

Disgusted by this revelation, and tired of being the government's pawn, Flag removes the hard drive from the server and plans on showing it to the press in order to expose Waller. However, Peacemaker (who had followed them there against his orders) refuses to allow Flag to show the hard drive to anyone (as it would cause an international incident and prevent his supposed goal of creating peace). After Polka Dot Man accidentally sets off the explosives, Starro is freed from his confinement and kills The Thinker, leaving Flag and Peacemaker to do battle. Just as Flag gains the upper hand however, Peacemaker grabs a piece of debris and stabs him through the heart. Flag's last words are "Peacemaker... what a joke," leaving the villain devastated.

Upon Starro's defeat at the hands of the Suicide Squad, Bloodsport chooses to use the hard drive's contents to blackmail Waller into compliance, meaning Flag didn't die in vain.


Flag's final words to Peacemaker would stick to his conscious greatly, as he lamented to A.R.G.U.S. that he killed the colonel for them. He would later break down and cry while listening to music, showing genuine remorse for killing Flag, and agreeing that he was right to call him a joke.


To be added


  • Peak human condition: Rick Flag, as a US Armed Forces colonel, is in top physical condition (from frequent missions and extensive experience in the field), though not even near to Batman's level. Hence, it took an entire group of Enchantress's monstrous troops to overpower Flag.
    • Peak human durability: Rick Flag is exceptionally durable, swiftly recovering after being sent flying back by a superhumanly strong blow from Incubus, though this was also due to Flag's bulletproof vest).
  • Expert combatant: Rick Flag, as a US Armed Forces colonel and West Point graduate, is a highly skilled armed and hand-to-hand combatant (though not quite on par with Batman and Katana), able to take down quite a few of Enchantress' monstrous troops, and even momentarily able to hold his own against the extremely skilled Enchantress herself (notably blocking her dagger slashes several times), though he was ultimately brought down by her.
  • Expert leader: Rick Flag is a highly skilled leader (with Amanda Waller even referring to him as "the finest special forces officer that [the USA] has ever produced"), able to successfully lead the Suicide Squad in the mission to extract Amanda Waller from Midway City, and then to lead them against Enchantress and Incubus.
  • Expert tactician: Rick Flag is a highly skilled tactician, as well as an expert in ops expert and counter insurgency, able to come up with an effective strategy to bring down Incubus by attacking him from both fronts (with the El Diablo chasing the gigantic opponent into a corner and Killer Croc helping Edwards plant a bomb right under him), and an equally effective one to destroy Enchantress' superweapon.


I don't do luck. I do planning and precision.
~ Flag to Waller.
You disobey me, you die. You try to escape, you die. You otherwise irritate or vex me. and guess what? You die.
~ Flag to the squad.
I'm a soldier. You're a serial killer who takes credit cards. When the shooting starts, and it will, you'll cut and run.
~ Flag to Deadshot.
You cut and run, I'll blow your head off.
~ Flag to Deadshot.
Well, we consider that term degrading. The official term is "Task Force X," and love 'em or hate 'em, these are your brothers and sisters for the next few days.
~ Flag to Savant.
Hey, hey! He's not a werewolf, okay? He's a weasel! He's harmless. I mean... he's not harmless, he's killed twenty-seven children, but y'know... we got him to.. I think he's agreed to do this. Whatever the case, everyone get into position to drop.
~ Flag to Blackguard and the team on Weasel.
Did anyone check on whether Weasel could swim?!
~ Flag to Waller and the team.
I didn't pick the damn team!
~ Flag to Harley Quinn upon seeing T.D.K.'s abilities.
We don't leave one of our own behind!
~ Flag to Peacemaker on rescuing Harley.
Nanaue, stay off the comm!
~ Flag to King Shark.
Here's the deal, we fail the mission, you die.
~ Flag to the Thinker.
Thinker: This is suicide.
Rick Flag: Well, that's kind of our thing.
~ Thinker and Rick Flag.
I joined the military to serve my country, not to be its puppet.
~ Flag.
~ Flag to Peacemaker.




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