Richard Milhouse "Rick" Jones is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Rick has been a sidekick to the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and Captain Marvel (Genis). He has been an active participant in many significant Marvel Universe story lines including the Kree-Skrull War and the Destiny War. Rick Jones had acquired powers causing him to transform into a massive creature calling himself A-Bomb, but later was "cured" of his powers.

Rick Jones was created by the late Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby.

In the 90s animated series, he was voiced by the late Luke Perry.

Fictional character biography

Rick Jones was born in Scarsdale, Arizona. He lost his parents at a young age and as a result grew up at an orphanage. Later, he accepts a dare to drive out to a bomb testing ground in New Mexico. As luck would have it, the gamma bomb designed by Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is being tested. Banner pushes Rick into a protective trench saving his life, but absorbing the gamma rays that transform him into the Hulk. Rick thus becomes the sole confidant of the Hulk's true identity.

Later, Rick forms the , a loose network of teenagers with throughout the United States. The first Teen Brigade played a role in the origin of the when the Norse god tampered with the Teen Brigade's radio transmission. Originally, the Teen Brigade intended to bring the together to battle the Hulk, but instead brought Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp together to form the Avengers.

After the Hulk's departure from the team, Rick becomes a honorary Avenger. He alerted the team to the Hulk's presence when they began searching for Hulk. He becomes close to the recently revived although his guilt leads him to leave the Avengers and seek out Banner and Hulk on his own.

Captain America rescues Rick from one of Hulk's rampages, and after that Rick becomes Captain America's sidekick, briefly taking the title and uniform of , Captain America's . This was on Jones' own insistence, but Captain America continues to have guilty objections, noting that others have lost partners and it was time to move on. Rick's brief time as Bucky gave him the training to survive around superheroes to this day.

Shortly after his split with Captain America, Rick joined with the Kree hero Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) when he finds himself drawn to the mystical Nega Bands. Donning the Bands, he is immediately linked to Captain Marvel. Once joined, one of the two remains in a protective bubble in the Negative Zone. After either the person not in the Negative Zone strikes the Nega-Bands together or a certain amount of time passes, the two switch places.

Rick and Mar-Vell play a critical part in the Kree-Skrull War. Rick is freed from the Negative Zone through a portal in the Fantastic Four headquarters. Mar-Vell is released from the Negative Zone while Rick is still in the regular world without the use of the Nega-Bands. The bond between the two is broken. At the height of the conflict, the Kree briefly unleashes the Destiny Force from within Rick. Rick uses his new-found ability to summon images of various Golden Age heroes. While at full power, Rick single-handedly stops both the and fleets long enough to put an end to the conflict. Injuries that Rick sustains lead Mar-Vell to willingly bond with Rick in order to save his life. Shortly after this the Captain Marvel series was re-launched and we found that Rick wasn't able to contain the energy of Mar-Vell. He was then bombarded with photonic energy, which saved him and enabled him to contain Mar-Vell safely. A consequence of this was that Mar-Vell gained the ability to absorb energy in addition to the Nega-Band energies to boost his strength and could fly with the photonic energy now.

Rick and Mar-Vell serve as a duo for several years while Rick pursues his musical career and love life. Eventually, the two are again freed from their bond while aiding the Avengers against the Super Adaptoid. Rick then parts company with Mar-Vell. Rick begins to spend his time with the Hulk again and briefly forms a new Teen Brigade, after which Rick finds himself again teamed with Mar-Vell, though not merged with him as they deal with a legacy left by the Mad Titan Thanos. Sometime after, Mar-Vell dies of cancer that he received when he was exposed to a deadly nerve gas stolen by the villain Nitro. Note: Mar-Vell collapsed from the gas and was comatose until he was given an antidote to the gas. However, despite the antidote, Mar-Vell still developed cancer and there was some momentary concern that the link Rick shared with him could have caused himself to contract the condition. After a brief argument with the heroes and their inability to find a cure, Rick decides to stay at Mar-Vell's bedside at the time of his death.


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