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Richard Rick Taylor is the main protagonist of the Splatterhouse series. When he wears the Terror Mask, he transforms into a hulking version of himself.


n the first Splatterhouse game, Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer, take refuge from a storm in West Mansion, a local landmark known as "Splatterhouse" for rumors of horrible experiments that were said to have taken place there by Dr. West.

Once there, the couple are attacked by a group of monsters, Jennifer is taken hostage and Rick is left to die from his wounds. Rick awakens in the mansion's dungeon to discover that he has been saved by the Terror Mask, an Aztec sacrificial artifact from Dr. West's mansion. The Mask fuses with Rick's body turning him into a hulking monster, who then rampages through West Mansion fighting various monsters and bosses. Eventually he arrives to where Jennifer is being held hostage but Rick is too late, she has been corrupted by the creatures of the mansion and begins to transform into a hideous creature, while pleading for Rick's help. Rick kills Jennifer then follows one of the monsters that laughed at him. Rick finds and kills Mother, the source of all the monsters in the Mansion. Somehow, the West Mansion is set on fire, and Rick escapes. Once outside, Rick fights off the last monster of the game, the gigantic Hell Chaos.

Splatterhouse 2

Three months have gone by since the first game. The Terror Mask, which has reformed after breaking at the climax of the first game, appears to Rick and repeatedly tempts him to "go back to the house", telling him that Jennifer "doesn't have to die ". It closes by telling Rick "you need me". In this game, Rick enters the Mueller Mansion and goes to a place between the living and the dead in order to rescue Jennifer's soul. While at the Mueller Mansion, Rick accidentally awakens an entity known as The Evil One. He tries to escape with Jennifer not before fighting a creature called The Ultimate Evil, a massive blob of flesh and severed heads. After defeating the Ultimate Evil, Rick and Jennifer escape and watch the mansion sink into the lake, Rick then notes how the mask suddenly disappeared. The mask is seen laughing at the screen as Rick quotes: "As long as that mask remains...It can happen again."


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