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Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn is the pitcher of the Cleveland Indians in Major League film series. He is the deuteragonist of Major League and the main protagonist in Major League 2. Vaughn is portrayed by Charlie Sheen who also portrayed Charlie Harper in Two and a Half men.

Major League

Before the events of film, Vaughn was imprisoned for stealing a car. Vaughn also played baseball on for the prison baseball team as a pitcher. Vaughn was an excellent pitcher. The Cleveland Indians learned of his pitching and was invited to tryout for the team, although Vaughn was not sure he could make it. Fortunately for Vaughn, he was released in time for spring training. At the spring training camp in Arizona, Vaughn is made fun of by egotiscal third baseman Roger Dorn, but is greeted warmly by veteran catcher Jake Taylor. Although Vaughn's incredibly fast pitch lacks control, Vaughn makes the team. However, when he finds a red tag in his locker, Vaughn believes he was cut and angrily confronts manger Lou Brown. Then Brown reveals to Vaughn he was not cut and that someone was playing a joke on him. Vaughn realizes that it was Dorn that put the red tag in his locker and attacks him. Taylor and the other players try to stop the fight until Brown breaks it up and then Taylor calms Vaughn down, telling the save his energy for the season.

Major League 2

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