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Heroine Overview

I can feel it... the haunting cries of the wind...
~ Riesz
I am Riesz. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am the princess of the kingdom of Laurent, as well as the captain of the Amazon Guard.
~ Riesz
Mother... I leave Father and the other fallen to your care. Elliot is my responsibility. I wear my mother's ribbon with pride. May it protect me on my journey.
~ Riesz

Riesz (Lise in the fan translation), titled Highborn Captain of Laurent's Amazon Guard, is one of the six main characters in Trials of Mana, which was previously only released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3. She is the princess of the wind kingdom of Laurent, which is situated high up on the mountains, and the captain of its Amazon army as well as the daughter of King Joster and the late Queen Minerva and the elder sister of Elliot, whom her mother died giving birth to, leading her to become like a parent to him. She also makes a guest appearance as a fighter in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.

She is voiced by Mikako Komatsu in Japanese and is voiced by Brittany Cox in English.


Riesz has long blonde hair tied into a braid low ponytail a green ribbon and blue eyes. She wears a green dress with a low neckline and a green headband with white wings. She also wears green shoulder pads and brown/purplish brown boots and fingerless gloves and she has a green gem on her forehead.


Riesz vowed to take good care of her younger brother Elliot following the tragic death of her mother after she had just given birth to him. One fateful day, though, Elliot met two ninjas from the hidden desert fortress of Nevarl named Bill and Ben, who offered to show him "magic tricks" and even offered to "help him see his mother" if he turned off the protective winds of Laurent. What he didn't realize was that they were discreetly tricking him into doing so so that the assassins of Nevarl as well as Belladonna (who was using her human guise of "Isabella" at the time) could take over the kingdom. With the winds protecting the kingdom turned off, Nevarl attacks Laurent, using sleep spores to render the guards unconscious and setting fire to the castle, and succeeds in conquering the kingdom, while Elliot is kidnapped. Joster is fatally injured during the process of Nevarl's conquest of Laurent, leaving Riesz devastated by the loss of everything she held dear. Making her escape, she begins her adventure across the world, seeking the Priest of Light in the holy city of Wendel for counsel and looking to find and rescue her brother Elliot.

She shares many story elements with fellow playable hero Hawkeye, who was exiled from Nevarl prior to its invasion of her beloved kingdom of Laurent. If either hero is chosen as the main protagonist of Trials of Mana, the main villains will be Belladonna and her master, the Dark Majesty, and the final dungeon will be the Dark Castle.

At the end of Riesz's story, Elliot welcomes her back to Laurent and tells her how he saw both of their parents in a dream, both of whom encouraged him to be strong, and resolves to be a good ruler and help rebuild Laurent, which moves his sister.


Riesz is a kind individual who is known for being willing to lend a hand to those in need, despite the fact that some people may tend to call her stubborn. She has a down-to-earth manner as well as what is described to be an iron will. She treats her brother Elliot with love and care as an older sister and a parent would. Riesz does her best to avoid harming innocent people and clearly does not hold back when it comes to protecting them.

Abilities & Classes

This is how it is done in Laurent!
~ Riesz

Riesz is a well-balanced character in every category, making her handy in almost any situation thanks to her above-average strength, agility and vitality. She can gain the ability to manipulate the stats of others once she changes classes; whereas her Light classes can raise the heroes' stats, her Dark classes can lower the stats of enemies. All of her four final classes can learn a summon spell that affects all enemies.

Her starting class is Amazon, and she can later change her class to Valkyrie or Rune Maiden, and later to Vanadis, Star Lancer, Dragon Master or Fenrir Knight. In the post-game, Riesz can later change her class to Meteorite or Brynhildr.

Role in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

Riesz appears in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood as a playable guest fighter. She is titled as Otherworldly Riesz in this game. She is a midrange fighter who can use the reach of her spear to her advantage in battle, and despite being classified as a wind elemental character, she can use both fire and wind elements.

Having heard of supposed historians from the future who might be able to have information on Elliot's whereabouts, Riesz decides to join the Arcana Blood tournament and heads to the otherworldly realm of Britain. She begins her story route by emerging from the lake, with her memories hazy as to how she got there, she somehow wakes up there and remembers that she was looking for Elliot. Ruler Supreme Guenevere, who was there when Riesz woke up, warns her that the great tournament is going on, but Riesz nevertheless sets off.

Riesz encounters Hybrid Nimue, followed by Zechs Siegfried, and defeats both of them in her first two tournament matches. She then encounters Unique Snow White, asking her about her brother. The latter's dwarf friends suddenly go berserk and she tries to calm them down but is unable to, leaving the former forced to fight and win in order to help her. With the dwarves calmed down, Snow White inquires that the Akashic Record might know something about Elliot's whereabouts. A delighted Riesz thanks Snow White for the help and vows to come to Elliot's rescue soon.

After engaging Thief Arthur in combat and winning, she encounters Type II Bisclavret, who asks her for a friendly battle. Riesz is hesitant at first, feeling that she doesn't need to participate in unnecessary battles, but the latter reminds her that no battle is pointless in a tournament for they fight in an honorable clash. The former accepts her challenge and wins, and tells her that she has been looking after Elliot ever since he was born, which is why she intends to find him. Bisclavret wishes her luck and warns her that there is something strange about the tournament.

Shortly after she defeats Void Eternal Flame, Riesz moves on to meet Twinblade Arthur, one of the two main characters of the game. She asks him for the Divine Chronicles, but he responds that he doesn't have them. Thinking he's trying to deceive her, she decides to "take them from him by force", and wins, but realizes that he wasn't lying to her. He reveals to her that his friend, Iai Arthur (the game's other main character), has the travel guidebook - which everyone thought was the Divine Chronicles - and over the course of her own progress in the Arcana Blood Tournament, has been growing stronger at a much faster rate than anticipated by Nimane and Nyneue, the fairies hosting the tournament, and is being corrupted by the Arcana Blood they've been collecting. Riesz, feeling responsible for whatever wrongs she may have committed during the tournament, vows to save Twinblade Arthur's friend and tells him to let her take care of it so that his wounds don't reopen. Riesz then proceeds to confront the Arcana Blood-corrupted Iai Arthur and, after a fierce, chaotic battle, defeats her to save her from her corruption.

After Nimane and Nyneue send the freed Iai Arthur back to her and Twinblade Arthur's own world, he gives the travel guidebook to her, and to her surprise, there is no mention of Elliot anywhere. Nevertheless, she is grateful that she did the right thing and thanks him for doing the best he could to help her. She then leaves to continue her quest to find and rescue Elliot from the Dark Majesty's resurrection faction, pleading for her dearly departed mother and father to continue watching over her and vowing to succeed no matter what the cost.

As she appears as a guest fighter in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood, it should be noted that her story route in this game is not canon to her appearance and story in Trials of Mana.


  • Her starting class, Amazon, has the origin of its title in ancient Greek, and means "without one breast", as amazons of the original legend would cut off their left breast to better use a bow (which has been debunked).
  • Out of all the six playable main heroes in Trials of Mana, Riesz has become the most popular with the fandom, as she has more fan art than the others, has what is considered by fans to be the "canon" storyline alongside Hawkeye, and appears in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood as a playable fighter.
  • She can be considered a foil to fellow protagonist Angela; both are the princesses of their respective kingdoms (Laurent for Riesz and Altena for Angela, respectively), and both are archenemies of their respective villains (Belladonna for Riesz and the Crimson Wizard for Angela, respectively). Unlike Angela, though, Riesz is devoted to her position as well as being a great leader, whereas Angela cares very little for her own royal lineage's duties and is lazy as well.
  • Her Japanese voice actress, Mikako Komatsu also voiced Popuko from Pop Team Epic, Kotori Mizuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Madoka Kaguya from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure, Priapos from Maria the Virgin Witch, Yume from Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and Setsuna from Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.
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