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Riley is a minor hero in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl game and Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl series. His Pokémon partner is Lucario.


In game player and Riley fought together against the Team Galactic's wretches on Iron Island. And when Team Galactic was defeated he gave the player the Riolu's egg. And in Pokémon series when Ash and his friends came to Iron Island they met Riley. And when they found Team Galactic on the Iron Island they began to hinder their intention to destroy the island's ruins. Riley's Lucario went crazy operation of the Team Galactic's machine, but it returned to normal. And when Team Galactic tried to destroy the island's ruins Riley and Lucario prevented it and rescued the ruins.



  • Riley has many similarities with Sir Aaron from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. In addition to design similarities, both Trainers have a Lucario and can use Aura.


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