Riley North is the main protagonist in the live-action vigilante film Peppermint. She is a bank employee turned vigilante who goes on a mission to take down the criminal team who killed her husband and daughter.

She is portrayed by Jennifer Garner, who also played Jenna Rink and Elektra.

Role in Film

At some point of her life, Riley married a man named Christopher John North, and nine months later, she gave birth to their first and only daughter, Carly Rose North, born in 2008.

Riley North is a former bank employee in Los Angeles, struggling to make ends meet.

On the night of Carly's tenth birthday, the family attending a carnival, a group of three shooters appeared and gunned down Chris and Carly, leaving Riley the only survivor. 

It was reported that the men work for durg lord, Diego Garcia, who wanted to kill Chris after learning that he was persuaded to rob his money, thanks to his friend, Mickey (who was killed). The three men who were arrested and went to trial were acquitted when they find out they have a lack of evidence.  

Garcia's three men then walked out since the D.A., the defense attorney and the judge is on Garcia's payroll. Riley is upset these three shooters are going to walk when they killed her husband and daughter. She tries to make them guilty when the guards tased her and she was about to instulized.  

But Riley got out and ran and start disappearing for five years of training to take down Garcia. Riley took down all three of her husband's and daughter's killers. She also took down the corrupt judge, D.A. and defense attorney who were on Garcia's payroll. Riley became a legend and a true hero who everyone thinks of her as a guardian angel. 

At the end, she managed to take down Garcia and got the rest of his posse arrested. She was about to die, when she went to her husband's and daughter's grave (on the occasion of what would have been Carly's fifteenth birthday). Detective Moises Beltrain saved her life and she was about to be arrested while she was succumb her injuries in the hospital, but everyone looked up to her and they need her to give out hope for people. Beltrain owes her life. Beltrain unlock her handcuff from her stretcher and let her escape and decide to be a guardian angel to the little guys.

Skills and Abilities

  • Skilled Banker: Before she became a vigilante, Riley was a skilled banker, having being working at the Los Angeles bank before her family's untimely deaths.
  • Master Vigilante/Private Detective: Due to training for five years, Riley is an extremely skilled vigilante and private detective, having able to stay below the grid without being tracked and caught by local authorities, and fighting several crimes in Los Angeles. She is also a capable tactician, markswoman, having able to think of plans to take down her opponents.
  • Expert Combatant: Riley is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant thanked to her training in Europe as she participated in various boxing match, having being trained for five years, she is able to take down multiple criminals and disarm them from their weapons. She was able to punch Peg in the face, despite being reluctant to do so when Carly told her that she should've "punched her lights out".
  • Weapons Expert: Having being trained for five years, Riley is extremely skilled at handling various weapons such as pistols, shotguns and knives. She uses these to wage her war aganist crime and at the posse who killed her beloved husband and daughter.


  • Despite the movie recieving negative reviews from critics, Jennifer Garner's performance in the film was praised. 
  • Her daughter, Carly, died the day of her tenth birthday.
  • Her daughter, Carly, is the youngest character to die in the movie, as she was only 10 years old at the time of her death.
  • Her daughter Carly lived from 2008-2018, making her 10 years old at the time of her death and in 2023 her daughter would have turned 15 years old.
  • Her husband's friend, Mickey, is actually responsible for everything, because if he had never told to Chris to steal Diego's money, Chris would never have stolen them, Diego would never have ordered the killing of the family, and Chris and Carly would still be alive.
  • Riley is the only member of the North family whose name does not start with C.
  • Riley's maiden surname was never revealed.
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