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"Great Demon Lord" Rimuru Tempest 「"大魔王" リムル・テンペスト, "Dai Maō" Rimuru Tenpesuto」, formerly known as Satoru Mikami, is the main protagonist of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

A partner and best friend of the True Dragon Veldora Tempest, Rimuru is the founder and King of the monster country Tempest of the Jura Forest. He is regarded as one of the strongest Demon Lords among the mighty Eight Star Demon Lords and also the only proper Great Demon Lord currently.

He is voiced by Miho Okasaki in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in English.


He has a kind heart and a quirky personality. Even though he is quite laid back and wants to avoid troublesome situations as much as possible, he actually works very diligently when there is a task needed to be taken care of.

With the heart of a hardworking salaryman and a beloved senior co-worker, Rimuru has a hard time rejecting someone if they plead him to help, leading in him often ending up with more work than he can handle, which his boss from his previous life used to reprimand him for.

Being the very Satoru Mikami himself, he also believes himself to be a KY-persjuston (Kuuki Yomenai) who makes jokes at the wrong time.

Rimuru tends to react very severely when there's a danger to his close ones, such as his countrymen, subordinates, (possibly due to the soul-link he shares with them), good friends, and students (he can't stand children suffering). One might say he overreacts to these cases, but it simply shows how deeply he cares for them, as a stark contrast with his usual cheerful self.

He has no problems with decimating any forces who dare to harm his subordinates and his country, regardless of their numbers, realizing full-well about the deed he's done.

After a mishap of subsidies, Rimuru tends to quickly revert back to his laid back self and mentally (or even in actuality) scratches his head at the scenery he caused.

He is described as cautious and cunning by other fellow Demon Lords, unaware that it is simply a means of him trying to prevent troublesome situations from going out of hand. As he progresses through the story, he slowly becomes more and more like an actual Demon Lord, and as he adjusts to the rules of the new world and understands the capabilities of his subordinates, he begins to let them handle tough situations on their own instead of voluntarily diving in first to patch stuff up.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to his dying words as Satoru, Rimuru was granted many advantages in his new life by the Voice of the World; thus why he became a slime instead of a human. His magical power is also enhanced thanks to being named by Veldora, and sharing a family name with him. Upon his evolution to Demon Lord, Rimuru's magic multiplied by ten times.

  • Predator: Obtained by accident when Satoru mumbled about going after girls in his next life after having no luck with romance. This allows Rimuru to consume anything he wishes. He also gains the powers of what he eats. It evolved into Gluttony after absorbing the Orc Lord's ability Starved. Upon becoming a Demon Lord, it evolved into Beelzebub. He can choose whether to take the shape of what he eats or recycle it; destroying Clayman and turning him into magicules.
    • Mimicry: Rimuru can copy the form of whatever he eats. After eating Shizue's corpse, Rimuru gained the ability to take a form like hers; though as slimes are genderless, he takes neutral-looking form.
      • Shapeshifting: Rimuru can alter or partially transform his body; creating wings or using armor to protect his body.
    • Poison Gas: Rimuru can create various grasses. He can can use it for paralysis or melt things. The latter is NOT a very pretty sight to behold; the victim was so badly melted it was censored in the manga and anime.
    • Thread: Rimuru ate a monster spider. He can create Sticky Thread or Steal Thread. Rimuru used it a lot as his main offense before gaining a human form. It falls out of use once he starts using magic more often.
    • Sonic: Allows him to speak and hear. Gained from eating a monster bat.
    • Thought Communication: A form of telepathy. Rimuru uses it for long-distance communication. He gained it from eating Ranga's father.
    • Intimidation: A skill gained from eating the dire wolf chief. Conveys his hostile intent.
    • Icicle Lance: Gained from eating one of Elen's spells. He can use a multicast Icicle Shotgun with it.
    • Black Flame: A powerful skill Rimuru created using Degenerate to mix fire with water and lightning.
    • Degenerate: (formerly) A skill Shizu originally had. It allows the user to break apart and combine what they wish. Great Sage sacrificed this skill to evolve into Raphael.
    • Levitation: Gained from eating Charybdis. Rimuru can float on his own will.
  • Great Sage: Obtained by accident when Satoru made self-joke about his age. Kind of a secondary personality. It has all the information Rimuru needs. It evolved into Raphael after Rimuru became a Demon Lord.
    • Appraisal: Allows Rimuru to examine anything he touches or eats.
    • Item Reproduction: Should Rimuru have the material, he can recreate anything he wishes so long as it's been examined in detail. Being it swords, Shizu'e mask or simply manga.
  • Immortality: Upon becoming a Demon Lord, Rimuru became a being of agelessness, who cannot grow old and can (quite possibly) live forever.


  • Intelligence: Rimuru is known for his thorough planning and ability to think on his feet. Most often he is quick to turn situations to his advantage; even unexpected results. Having worked as a general contractor, he is also well-versed in urban development; allowing him to build his city in the Jura forest.
    • Excellent Memory: Primarily focused on his manga and video game hobby as Satoru, Rimuru is able to use his memory to reproduce exact copies of manga he's read. Rimuru is also able to remember people he's rarely interacted with, such as Yuuki.
    • Negotiation/Manipulation: Rimuru can use the desires of others against them; being an excellent smooth talker. Though primarily used to keep Shion and Diablo in check (as they go overboard to the point Rimuru gets exasperated), he also does so to keep Veldora and Ramiris cooperative by threatening to spoil manga for them. Rimuru prefers the carrot method over using the stick method.
  • Swordsmanship: Rimuru was taught by Hakuro in the ways of the sword. Though he does not use a blade much.
  • Evolution Inducement: Not unique to him, but Rimuru is capable of evolving monsters by giving them names. He was initially unaware that monsters tend to go nameless all their lives, hence why he gave all the goblins names (as since he was a former human, the idea of "people" going nameless was confusing). As a result, Rimuru causes anyone he names to jump to the next stage in their evolutionary line; since he cannot control how many magicules he gives. He can even name by accident, like with Gabiru.
  • Slime Body: Obtained by accident when Satoru complained about losing blood as he died; the Voice of the World misunderstood his situation.
    • Malleablity: Rimuru can stretch and contort at will. His given mass is enough to cover an Orc Lord.
    • Tempature Resistance: Obtained by accident when Satoru mumbled that he couldn't feel hot or cold as he died. Rimuru cannot be burned or frozen.
    • Electricity Resistance: Obtained by accident when Satoru asked his co-worker to dump his computer in water to destroy it. Rimuru cannot be zapped or conduct electricity.
    • Pain Resistance: Rimuru cannot feel pain due to his slime body; even dismemberment cannot cause pain.
    • Poison Nullification: Rimuru can't get drunk. Much to his anger; he likes good booze.
    • Regeneration: Any damage Rimuru takes can be "buffed out"; plus he can re-absorb any severed pieces.
      • Cloning: Rimuru is able to siphon off part of himself to create a clone to fool enemies. Gained from eating Ifrit. Used to escape Hinata.


  • In the Manga and the Light Novel, Rimuru's personality is Kind-hearted and mature compared to Yuuki's carefree and childish personality.
  • He, along with Shuna and Shion, are voted as the three major idols of The Monster Country Tempest.
  • Rimuru likes to fantasize about female Elves.
  • Rimuru absorbs Shizue in Episode 8
  • After ascending as a Great Demon Lord, most of the Extra and Unique Skills Rimuru gains during the ascension are named after mythological or fictional deities.
  • While Rimuru can make his human form look more masculine or feminine at his discretion, it's solely cosmetic; even if his body looks human, he lacks the proper anatomy (much to his dismay, having initially hoped gaining a human form would fully restore what he lost as a slime).
  • His gender was confirmed as a Male. Not a Female.

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