Rintoo is a five-year-old tiger who loves to play with his friends, Kai-Lan, Lulu, Tolee & Hoho. He appears in Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.


Rintoo is rambunctious, and he loves to play rough, and he often acts before he thinks, but when it comes to his friends, he's willing to compromise. Roaring makes him feel happy, he loves playing drums, and his xylophone, he loves racing, dragons and racecars. He has been hurt twice in this show; In "Ni Hao, Halloween," he tripped on a rock and sprained his ankle, and he was forced to stay in bed, ruining his chances of going trick-or-treating, and it resulted in him crying. He has also been hurt in "Kai-Lan's Playhouse" when Hoho got really mad and hit him on the leg. But however, Rintoo didn't cry when Hoho hit him, because Rintoo shook that hit off him. Rintoo is also good at running, jumping, and flying through the air, and he was great at roller-skating when he took it slow. He may be a tiger, but he's very sweet on the inside.


Rintoo has yellow skin with brown stripes, a brown nose, claws, black eyes with an iris, and one tooth.


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