Riolu is a Fighting type Pokemon from Generation IV. It evolves into Lucario when its friendship with a trainer is strong.



Riolu is a black and blue, dog-like Pokémon nearing two and a half feet. Its appearance is similar to its evolved form Lucario, though there are some differences. Its legs and torso are colored black while its head, lower body and tail are blue. Riolu have large, rounded bumps on the backs of its forepaws, placed in a similar fashion to Lucario's spikes. Riolu also have a black "mask" with two black appendages on either side, and red eyes.

Natural abilities

Riolu are sensitive to a special type of energy called Aura as Lucario is. Riolu's evolved form, Lucario, can use these waves for attacks, tracking, or to predict future moves. However, Riolu does not have the full potential of these powers, using them as described in ripples rather than waves. Moves such as Aura Sphere or Detect can not be learned by Riolu due to its inability to fully use the power of Aura. There is at least one exception to this rule, however.

Riolu PSMD

Riolu in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon


Riolu evolves into Lucario when you level it up during the day with high friendship.


Riolu's evolution

Game Info

Game Locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Diamond/Pearl Egg on Iron Island One
Platinum Egg on Iron Island One
HeartGold/SoulSilver Safari Zone Rare
Black/White Challenger's Cave Rare
Black 2/White 2 Floccesy Ranch Rare
X/Y Route 22 Rare
OR/AS Trade



In the anime, Riolu has made an appearance during Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Parts One and Two, which aired as a one hour special commemorating the release of Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. This Rioluhad been trained to use Aura Sphere and was unnaturally strong. It was taken away from its owner by a group that wanted to exploit it but Ash and co. returned it, with Kellyn's help. This Riolu developed a strong bond with Ash.

220px-Riolu anime

Riolu in the anime

Cameron has a Riolu that evolved into a Lucario and defeated Unfezant, Snivy and Pikachu but lost to Flareon.

Korrina has a Riolu that evolved into a Lucario.


In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Maylene has a Riolu. It is seen using Drain Punch against Pearl's Monferno, who Platinum borrowed in order to fight her. Then, when Diamond's is traveling alone, he is given an egg by Riley, which eventually hatched into a Riolu. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Hareta gained a Riolu egg in Serious Training on Iron Island which hatched into a Riolu later on in that chapter.

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