Riou is one of the main protagonists in the Suikoden series.


Riou is a young man with short brown hair (black in his in-game appearance) with fringes on both sides and two upward fringes is in the center of his head. He has wears a red and white sleeveless Chinese garb with a yellow scarf on his neck and a light blue obi that tucks on his garb, black capris and brown battle boots. He was also wears a circlet on his forehead and wears light blue and brown gloves.

As well as a child during flashbacks, Riou wore a red long sleeve Chinese garb, black capris and sandals. This appearance will be has seen again which was now worn by Ko from Banner Village.


Riou is a outright, rebellious, calm, and serious person, and he is quite determined to fight against Highland as the leader of the Allied Army. When he cares for his step-sister, Nanami, as well as his best friend, Jowy. Nanami keep telling Riou to give up on his fight as New State Army leader because she claimed that she don't want to see Riou and Jowy fighting each other.

During the conflict in the Dunan Unification War, Riou is did not want to stop fighting against his enemies but having conflicts with his best friend, Jowy, due to their destiny with their true runes that attached in their right hands. When Gorudo and his men fatally injures his step-sister, as well as Riou shows his anger towards them and also shows his grief when his step-sister faints due to her fatal injuries sustained by them.


  • Riou is tied with Tir McDohl and Lazlo En Kuldes as well as the most recurring Tenkai Stars in the series; all being present in the Suikoden games.
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