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Ripcord is one of the main protagonists of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie. He was the call-sign of G.I. Joe member Wallace Weems. He was portrayed by comedian Marlon Wayans.


Ripcord was a cheerful and optimistic man who often told jokes and was loyal to his friends. His closest friend was Duke, and they seemed to be as close as brothers. However Ripcord also appeared to be both a showoff and a flirt and developed a crush on Scarlett. He did his best to impress her though she ignored him at first though she eventually started to return his feelings. Rip has also been shown to be good at comforting people and managed to make Scarlett feel better about her loss to the Baroness.

Rip also seemed to be freaked out by Snake-Eyes.

Ripcord was an excellent pilot and claimed that he could fly anything. He managed to shoot down two missiles headed towards Moscow and Washington, even though he was in an aircraft he'd never even seen before. According to General Hawk he was also an expert marksman and managed to get 99% in his shooting tests.

Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

The movie begins with Ripcord, Duke and a NATO security team delivering nanomite warheads when they were attacked by Cobra and saved by The Joes, where they are taken back to The Pit with them. Ripcord soon develops a crush on Scarlett. While she initially ignores him, he comforts her after her loss to the Baroness and saves her in Paris after the Baroness blows her off her motorcycle. She kisses him before he steals the prototype Cobra Night Raven to stop the two missles headed for Moscow and Washington D.C. In the end, he and Duke decide to stay on the team.

Ripcord does not appear in the sequel Retaliation, indicating he resigned or discharged along with Scarlett who also did not appear.