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Rita Rossweisse is an anti-heroine/anti-villainess from the Honkai Impact 3rd video game series. She is part of the Valkyria group alongside Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, Himeko Murata, Theresa Apocalypse and Bronya Zaychik.

She was initially established as an enemy until in the later chapters of the main story where becomes an anti-heroine and ultimately a supporting cast.


Befitting a Valkyrie or even superior to most of them, Rita is described as an angel. Rita is a beautiful young woman with a slender build and short, grey hair, along with pink eyes. She also has a beauty mark, or for better words, a mole below her right eye. She is also the third tallest playable Valkyrie in the game, behind Mei and Kallen Kaslana and also has the second largest bust size (despite her age) behind Murata Himeko who is far older and more experienced.

Much like the other Valkyries, her clothing changes depending on her equipped battle suit, though she always keeps her hair short and always wears a hairband of some kind. She also wields a scythe as her weapon in battle. When she was around 16 and 17 years old, she wore a long white dress with a gray rose pattern and yellow trim, a black and white apron and a bow on the back. She also wore black hairpin and a black maid headdress. After the Alexandria's Incident, Rita wore a new summer dress, wearing a black top hat and a tight black dress with open arms.

In her Umbral Rose battle suit, Rita wears a very typical maid's uniform adorned with roses and rose-like patterns. It is slightly more sexualized as well, with an ample amount of her cleavage and her back exposed, along with her skirt being slit at the side. Her hairband is also very reminiscent of one worn by maids, albeit it is adorned by a single rose, and has horns on each side. She also wears black maid's heels with a rose on each ankle, along with dark pantyhose and black panties.

When wearing Phantom Iron battlesuit, her headband changes to black, there are two corners of two colors blue-black, a white dress inside, black armor outside, suspenders, black thighhighs, black-blue high heels and a iron scythe-shadow. When she is using the Argent Knight: Artemis battlesuit, she wears a lunar-like suit, her headband will be replaced by ice-colored spines and her left arm will be decorated with blue and white metal wings. She also wears a black and white lace around her neck, her coat is a white armor, a black skirt with white lines and two white and blue thighhighs.


In one hand, Rita is polite, cordial, and efficient according to her position as a maid and servant. She is somewhat cordial towards the Captain, and Theresa with using the formal words -Sama.

On the other hand, She can be also quite cold and detached with her missions. She also works as a supervisor for Otto but is willing to helps the other Valkyries.


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