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Rita Rossweisse is an anti-heroine/anti-villainess from the Honkai Impact 3rd video game series. She is part of the Valkyria group alongside Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, Himeko Murata, Theresa Apocalypse and Bronya Zaychik.


Rita wears a combat battle suit similar to a maid, She sports green hair and brown eyes, Her main weapon is a scythe that can be use to cut down her enemies, She is a gorgeous young woman with a well endowed figure that even Fu Hua gets jealous of.


In one hand, Rita is polite, cordial, and efficient according to her position as a maid and servant. She is somewhat cordial towards the Captain, and Theresa with using the formal words -Sama.

On the other hand, She can be also quite cold and detached with her missions. She also works as a supervisor for Otto but is willing to helps the other Valkyries.


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